Chapter 15

Jess woke up the next morning. And felt something around her waist she looked over and saw Justin sleeping. He’s so cute when he sleeps. She slowly and quietly got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. She took a shower and came out in her towel and Justin was still sleeping or so she thought. She walked to dresser and took out some clothes . Justin watched her from the bed. God she’s beautiful he thought. He quietly got out of bed and creeped up behind her. Jess got her jeans and was about to turn around when she felt arms wrap around her stomach. “Oh Jeezzz” she said “Justin u scared me I thought u were sleeping!” “I was but not any more” he said kissing her neck. “Justin I have to get dressed” she said trying to move away but he wouldn’t let her go. “ Justin comon im in a towel if have to get dressed and im freezing.” she said turning around to face him. “I can think of something to make u warm” he said with a little grin. “Justin” she said giving him a stern face. “Fine go get dressed!” he said throwing is hands in the air. She kissed him on the cheek. “ Thank you” she said and ran of to the bathroom and shut the door. Justin sat on the bed and noticed her computer was on. “Jess do u mind if I go on your computer?” he asked from her bed room. “NO go right ahead baby, im almost done!” she yelled from the bathroom. Justin was on the computer:

MacDaddy69: Hey Justin

Bling_Bling81: Hey Joey whats up?

MacDaddy: nm having fun at Jess’s house?!?! *wink* wink*

Bling_Bling81: God Joey always thinking about sex!

MacDaddy69: and why not?

Bling_Bling81: whatever joey! so n e wayzz hows the rest of the guys?!

MacDaddy: everyone’s fine...oh man I went to this girls house last night she was banging!!!

Bling_Bling81: Joey I dont wanna know!

Just then Jess walked in the room brushing her hair. “Hey who u talking to”Jess said brushing her hair. “ Oh joey” Justin said. “He’s so weird” Jess said looking at there conversation and sitting on Justin’s lap “Tell me about it u dont have to be with him most of your life” Justin said with a chuckle. “Yeah I know im so sorry baby I feel your pain!” she said and kissed his nose. “You look hot today baby” Justin said looking her over. She was wearing and pair of bell bottom jeans and a lavender tube top that was triangular and the bottom had dark purple beaded fringes on it. “Why thank you ,well im gonna go down stairs and look for my sneakers ill be right back” Jess said leaving the room. Justin checked her out while she was walking out of the room. “God damn!” he said and turned his head back to the computer:


Bling_Bling81: sorry bout that Joe Jess was in the room

MacDaddy69: OOOOO I see

Bling_Bling81: lol

MacDaddy: Ooo look who just signed on your “girlfriend”

Bling_Bling81: Jess is on?! how?!

MacDaddy69: No not Jess stupid BRITNEY!!!

Bling_Bling81:Joey shut up she’s not my girlfriend

MacDaddy69: Well maybe u should tell her that....does she know about Jess

Bling_Bling81: I dunno ad its none of her business n e wayzz

MacDaddy69: Whatever man! well I gotta go u guys are coming home today right?

Bling_Bling81: Yeah or flight leaves after jess’s

MacDaddy: Alright I guess well chill tonight alright bye!

Bling_Bling: alright bye!

Justin was about to sign off when he got another im.

im2sexy4u: Hey Justy!!!

Bling_Bling81: hi brit

im2sexy4u:Whats up?! where are u I called your house but nobody picked up

Bling_Bling81: oh nothing im at my girlfriends house listen brit I have to go

im2sexy4u: Girlfriend?!?!?!

Bling_Bling81: Yeah brit my girlfriend I gotta go bye!

And with that he signed off. “Justin comon get dressed im gonna be late for my flight” Jess said running past the room. “Alright im going in the shower” he said grabbing his stuff and walking in to the bathroom. About 30 minutes later Jess had her bags by the door waiting . JC and Benish were sitting on the couch talking. “JUSTIN” Jess screamed from the bottom of the steps. “What?” he yelled back. “LETS GO!!” she screamed again and with that he came down the stairs. “Alright im ready” he said putting his bag down. “Finally we can go” she said. “Bebe lets go!” Jess said walking into the living room. “Um I dont think there ready” Justin said laughing. They were making out on the couch. “Alright I know u haven’t seen your boyfriend in like ever but neither have I and im not like having sex on the couch” Jess said. “What?” bebe said looking up “Nothing forget it can we please go!” Jess said. “Yeah alright lets go” JC said getting up.

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