Chapter 14

It has been 2 weeks and Jess was leaving in a day. “IM bored” jess said. “I know me too “ benish said . they were sitting in jess’s living room “Well are u all packed” she asked jess. “Yup im leaving in the morning.” “I cant belive ur leaving we have only been together for liek 5 weeks!” benish said. “yeah i know but they were a good 5 weeks” jess said. “Yeah” benish said dreamily. *Knock*knock*knock*. “Who the hell would that be at midnight?!?!” jess said. “No clue” benish said. Both girls got up and walked to the door. Jess looked outside the window and saw a cab leaving. Hmmmm she said to herself. She opened the door and there he was. “JUSTIN?!?!?!?!” she screamed. she jumped into his arms and held on tight. Justin hugged her and kissed her on her forehead. “Hey baby man did i miss you” he said and looked into her eyes. And kissed her . “Um sorry to ruin ur moment but where is my boyfriend?!?!” benish asked as someone covered her eyes. “Hey hun” Jc said. “Hey....” she said getting cut off buy him wiht a kiss. “Justin what are u guys doing here” jess asked still in his arms. “What u dont want me here ill leave” he said walking away from her. “NNNOOO NNNOOOO come back” she said running to him. “Ur too much “ he said and kissed her again. She just laughed. “We wanted to surprise you girls” JC said. “Well u sure did” benish said. They all went into the living room and talked for about an hour catching up on each other. “Its 1 ive got to get up early in the morning i think im gonna go to sleep.” Jess said . “Im right behind you” Justin said. She laughed. “se you guys in the morning” jess said walking up the stairs . Jess and Justin went up stairs . Jess changed in the bathroom and walked back into her room wear justin was wearing an undershirt and boxers he was laying on her bed admiring her room. “Hey” she said. “Come here” he said. She went and climed onto her bed and sat by him. “I Love you” he said placing a kiss on her lips. “I love u too” she said. “Wow u have alot of awards in here he said looking at all her awards she has from singing, dancing, and acting. She just laughed. She layed down back on her pillow and sighed. “Babe whats wrong?” he asked looking at her. “Nothing im just tired.” she said shutting her eyes. Justin lifted the covers over her and layed own next to her. Once he layed down he pulled jess towards him. After a while they both feel asleep.

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