Chapter 13

The girls just did what they planned on doing before the went on tour they hung out wiht old frineds went to the beach or shopping. It had been 2 weeks since they left the tour. *Ring*.........*Ring*.......*Ring*. “Im coming im coming” jess said stepping out of the shower. *Ring*.... “Hello” she said. “Hey baby” he said. “Justin i thought u were at the video shot ?” jess asked brushing her hair. “I am...i just wanted to hear ur lovely voice” he said. “But justin i talked to u this morning” she giggled. “So...” he said. “Oh you are just too much” she said. “I know” he said. “So what did u to today?” he asked her. “Um i went out with some old friends” she said. “Thats kool” “yeah” she said not sounding to happy. “Baby whats wrong?” he asked her. “Nothing i just miss u thats all and i dont have alot of time till i have to go back to school and i wanna see you.....”she went rambling on “” he said. “What” she sighed. “Calm down okay” “Alright ill try for u” “Thank when are u going back to school?” he asked her. “In about a week and a half” she said. “What!! jess, i thought u said u had about a month left before u need to go back.” he said. “I did but im going early cause me , my friend jen,misty,and jamie got an apartment so we dont have to dorm. she said. “So were going early to get our apartment set up and stuff” “Oh okay” he said “Are u mad” she said. “No im not mad its just i was gonna come down to see u in 2 weeks but...” he said. “You can come to our apartment to see me” she said. “Alright thats kool” he said. “Good” she giggled. “Ohhh i miss you so much” he said. “I know i do to” she said. “Hmm well me and Jc were gonna come down together but oh well” he said. “Does benish know that?” jess asked. “Yeah he just got of the phone wiht her” jusitn said. “Oh okay” jess said. “JUSTIN.....lets go its ur shot” a voice said. “Well i guess ive got to go” he said. “Yeah well bye” she said. “Bye baby ill see u soon....i love you” he said. “What did u say” jess asked. he never said it to her she knew what he said she just wanted to hear it again. “I said... i love you” he said hoping she would say it back. “I love you too justin” she said. “Bye baby” he said wiht a smile and hung up his cell phone. “Jusitn come on man” lance said. “Coming...” he said. “ Finally Justin where were you?” Shawn asked. “oh i was just on the phone” he said a little giddy. “Dude are u okay” Joey asked. “Yeah” justin said dazed. “He just got done talking to jess” lance said. “OoO figures i should of known” Joey said. “Man me and JC dont get like that when were on the phone wiht Dani or Benish” Chris said. “Oh shut up” Justin said. “ Alright Enough lets go” Shawn said.

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