Chapter 12

About 2 days later the girl were watvhing TRL cuz the guys were gonna be on it. “Benish come on the guys are coming on soon.” Jess yelled from the living room. “Im coming im coming” Benish said running down from the stairs. “Hey welcome TRL and this week were in sunny orlando florida and we have Nsync with us, Hey guys!” Carson said. “Hey” they all said. “Wasssssssssssupppp?” Chris said. Everyone laughed. “So guys ur video It’s gonna be me , we retired it and so when are we getting a new one?” Carson asked. “Well our next single is “This i Promise you” and were gonna be shooting that soon so ull guys get it when were done” Lance said. “Well we will be looking out for thats” Carson said. “Um two of u guys been in the news alot these past 2 days. And n e of u ppl out there who have no idea what were talking about i think these pictures will fill u in” Carson said. They showed the pictures. “Hey they didnt show my good side” Jess said “Ur so off well be happy cuz Justin is telling them about u and Jcs not saying n e thing about me just that im a “friend” Benish said. “Awww girl im sorry” Jess said “Its alright” benish said back “So Jc, Justin do u guys wanna explain ?” Carson asked. “Ummm, ummm” Justin said wiht smile. “Comon spill it guys, Justin look at u ur making out with that girl. “ Carson said. Everyone laughed. “Alright well that girl is my girlfriend Jess hey baby!!” he said waving to the camera. “Jc....” Carson said. “Shes my girlfriend” he said wiht a smile. “Alright well u guys heard it here first so girls 2 of the nsyncers are taken well thank for being here u guys” “No problem bye everyone see u guys out on tour” Joey said. “Bye” they all said waving to the cameras. “Hmmm well that was interesting huh benish?” Jess said turning off the T.V. “He told everyone im his girlfriend” Benish said shoked. “Well um yeah” jess said. “Oh shut up “ she said and pushed her. “Owww” jess said. They just laughed.

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