Chapter 11

“Hey u guys wanna stop at the deli or somethign to get some snacks for the road?” joey asked. “Um yeah thats kool”Lance said. The rest just nodded wiht aggrement. They drove for about an hour then stopped at a convinent store. Chris and Joey ran to stock up on junk food. Benish and Jc were getting some drinks. And jess and Justin were just talking in the front of the store. Shawn walked in and saw jess and justin he rolled his eyes and walked towards the magazine stand he picked up a newspaper and he was shocked his mouth literally fell to the ground. “EVERYONE ON THE BUS NOW!!!!” he yelled. Everyone in the store jumped. Chris and Joey ran for there lifes on the bus. Benish and Jc followed but Jess and Justin were to busy kissing to hear n e thing. “I SAID NOW!!!” he yelled again to justin and jess. They looked up at a very pissed off shawn. Jusitn grabbed jess’s hand and ran towards the bus. When they got on the bus everyone was there. “What the hell was that about” Jess asked. “I dunno but were about to find out” Joey said looking out the window. Everyone was sitting in the front of the bus. Joey, Chris and Lance were at the table eating. Benish and Jc were sitting together. ANd Jess and Justin were sitting next to each other acrss Jc and Benish. The door slammed. Shawn waked on the bus very mad. He had a couple of newspapers in his hand. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???” he said giving jess and justin a copy , benish and jc a copy and a copy to the rest of the guys. Everyone was shocked. “Well it looks like Justin and Jess kissing and Jc and Benish hugging”Joey said. “IM NOT THAT STUPID JOEY!!”shawn said. “okay okay sorry” joey said. “Shawn.....”Justin started. “What justin havent u done enough already!” he said. “Shawn please just calm down” Jess pleaded. “Calm down Calm down?!!”shawn yelled. “U want me to calm down ?” he said. Jess just sighed. “Alright JC and Jusitn what are u gonna do ur gonna be confronted about this.” shawn said. “Well i got it easier then jusitn” Jc said. “I can just say shes a friend and she was leaving so i was saying good bye” he said. Benish looked a little disipointed but she knew that thats what was needed to be done. He noticed her get upset and kissed her on the cheek. “Yeah we can get away wiht that” Shawn said. “But we still have Justin to take care of” he said. “Well i can just tell them the truth that i do have a girlfriend” he said. “alright i guess theres really no way out of this” shawn said. “Yeah i know look at them there like sucking each others faces!” Joey said. “SHUT UP” Jess and Justin said at the same time “Alright alright” joey said. “Oh man”shawn said. “What” jc said. “UGHHH nothing nothing” shawn said stomping of the bus. “Alright were leavin “ the driver said “Jusitn maybe it would be best if we just leave?!” jess said. “Baby no i dont want u to leave” Justin said. “I dont want to leave but i just think it would be best” she said kissing him on the cheek. “Were is your next performance?” she asked. “Um in Atlanta” justin said “Alright well take a flight out from there” Jess said. “Benish are u okay wiht this if u wanna stay u can but i think its best if we just leave” jess said. “yeah its okay” Benish said. Jess got up Justin pulled her back down. “please stay please baby” he whispered in her ear. “U know i want to but i just cant k?” she said. “Fine” he said. “Dont be mad” she said and kissed him. “ill try” he said. Jess disaperred into the back room. About 5 mins later she came back in and sat next to Justin . “Were leaving as soon as we get to Atlanta “ she said holding justin’s hand. The rest of the bus ride was quite. Benish and Jc spent as much time as posibble together and so did jess and Justin. They arrived at atlanta and they stopped at the hotel. They guys unpacked there stuff. Jess and Benish said goodbye to Lance, Joey and Chris. “Oh its been fun” Joey said hugging jess to close. “Um joey” Justin said. “Yeah yeah i know shes ur girl” joey said backing away. “Bye lance” Jess said. “ Bye gurlie im sure well see u soon”he said. “Yeah” Jess said. “Bye Chris” Benish said. “Bye dont worry ill take care of ur man for u!” he said. “okay bye” he said. Jess, Justin, Benish, Jc, and Shawn got in the limo. When they arrived at the airport there flight was in an half and hour. Jc and Benish sat down. “Im gonna miss you” he said. “I know im gonna miss u too” she said. “But its just best if we leave we really cant jepordize your carrer i would never do that to u” she said. “Benish i never felt this way about anyone before” he said holding her hand. “me too” she said looking in to her eyes. he leaned in and kissed her. “I got you something” he said and reached in to his pocket he pulled out a long black box. “Jc” she said. “Here open it” he said and handed her the box. She opened it and it was a it was a silver necklace wiht a heart at the bottom on the back of the heart it said. To my girl , Love always Jc. “Oooo Jc its great thank you so much” she said giving him a hug and a kiss. “Here put it on “ he said smiling. She turned around and picked up her hair he slipped the necklace around her neck. “I love you” he wishpered in her ear. IT sent chills down her back. “I love you too” she said smiling at him. Meanwhile Jess was sitting down juts thinking is it the right thing to do? she asked herself?. ugh but i wanna stay wiht him but then i cant cuz of shawn ugh ! im so confused!. “Here yah go baby” Justin said giving her her water. “thanx” she said. “Sorry i took so long someone saw me so i had to sign a few autographs and take some pictures.” he said putting his hand aroud her. “Its okay” she said puttin he head on his sholder. They sat there for a while and just talked. “Flight 435 to New york is now boarding” “ALright thats us” Jess said getting up Jusitn pulled her back down. “Please dont leave” he said pulling her back down on to his lap. “Jusitn please dont make this harder then it already is” she said. A tear ran down her cheek. he puled her closer to him. “Im sorry baby” he said. “its okay” she said and kissed him on his cheek. They both got up and walked to the entrance. Benish , Jc , and Shawn were already there. “Bye Shawn” Benish said giving him a hug. “ Bye” he said. “Bye shawn” jess said giving her brother a hug. “Bye sis u be good alright?” he said. “Okay bye” she said. “Ill miss you” JC said huggin benish . “I know i will to “ she said. “Call me as soon as you get home okay?” he said. “okay” she said. He pulled her to him and kissed her. “Bye Justin” Jess said. He pulled her into him. And kissed her. She parted her lips slightly enough for his tounge to enter her mouth. They broke apart. “I ll miss you” he said. “here” he gave her a envolope “read it on the plane.” he said. “Okay, Bye” she said . Both the girls started walking down the long hallway. “Jess wait.” Justin yelled running towards her. “Sir dont have a ticket sir.” thje lady said. Jusitn completeley ignored her. “Jess wait here” he said giving him his dimond pinky ring he put it on her thumb. “Justin ...” she said. “Shh” he said putting is finger up to her mouth. “Here so u can always remember me” he said. “Ill never ever forget someone like you” she said. and gave him a hug. He pulled her closer to him. “Bye ill miss you” she said. “Bye” he said looking at her wiht tears rolling down her face. He wiped then off he face gave her a kiss and left. On the plane Benish fell asleep. Jess opened the letter that Justin gave her. Hey Baby, Im gonna miss you so much!. Jess ur so special to me in so many ways. I dont think you know how wonderful u are. DONT forget to call me as soon as you get home! Love always, Justin Timberlake While Jess read the note she started crying. The rest of the ride jess just looked back on her whole trip all the things that happened. “Ladies and Gentelmen please buckle your seat belts we are ready for landing”. The girls got of the plane and they both went to there house that there parents bought for them.

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