Chapter 10

The next morning Justin woke up wiht Jess still in his arms. He smiled at the sight and pulled her closer to him. Jess blinked tried opening her eyes but it was really bright. She opened her eyes and smiled. “Hey” she said. “Hello” he said and gave her 11 kisses. “What was that for?” she asked. “1 kiss for each letter in Good morning” he said. “Aww ur so cute” she said and kissed him on the cheek. “WOW..hold on wait a minute!??!” she said. “What?” he said. “Hey shawn told me that u dont even speak to n e 1 until u devored cereal.” she said. “huh? me thats not me “ he said smiling. Jess looked over Justin and saw a bowl. “Ugh .....Justin Timberlake u ate before waking me up?!?!” she said. “Well yeah kinnda i didnt want to be an asshole when u woke up” he said. “Awww thats so sweet of u” she said changing her tone to a sweet one. Justin smiled. “Well know that u have ate ur breakfast i want mine” she said. “Im gonna call room service” she said. “Hello room service....yes can i have um...french toast...uh huh room 345 yeah thanx you” Jess said and hung up the phone. She layed back down next to Justin. They just layed there and talked for a little while while jess ate her food. * Ring*Ring* “Hello” Jess said. “Hey gurlie” Benish said. “Hey wassup?” jess said. “Nothin much” “Oh yeah JC was trying to get in touch wiht u last night” she said. “yeah i know he called me this morning. Oh yeah and he also told me that when he called you Justin was there...ah hah!” she said. “Oh shut it” jess said. “Girl u better tell me” “Tell u what.” jess said. “ Jess wears the remote.”Justin asked. “Um right on the night stand” Jess said. “JESSICA HE STAYED THE NIGHT?!?!” Benish asked. “Um yeah” jess said. “Oh G-d what are we gonna do wiht u?” Benish asked. “Hmm i dunno” they both just laughed. “Hold on a sec i have another call” jess said. “Hi Shawn” jess said and looked at Justin. “Hey Sis wassup?” he said. “Nothing u?” she said. “Nothing do u know were justin is me and the guys have been trying to get in touch wiht him for like an hour now?” he said. “” jess said. Jusitn mouthed to her just tell him that im probably slepping. “Um hes probably sleeping hehe” she said. “U know Justin he has to have his beauty sleep!” she said. Alright” shawn said a little worried. “Are u sure ur okay” shawn asked. “Yeah yeah im fine im super-de-duper fine” she said. “Alright...well dont forget we board the bus in liek 20 mins.” he said “oh okay 20 mins got yah” she said looking at Jusitn. He got up gathered his stuff and mouthed to her im gonna go to my room ill meet u here! he said. “Okay” she said. “Huh” shwan said. “Um okay 20 mins” she said. “Okay bye” he said. Jess hung up the phone and ran to the door to say bye to Justin. “Bye” he said and kissed her. “See yah”she said. Jess went back in her room and took a shower. When she got out she got dressed. she put on a pair of shorts and a juicy tank top. One of the body gaurds lonnie came up and got her bags. Jess met Justin out by the elevator. He was wearing cargo shorts his north Caronila T-Shirt and a baseball cap. “Hey hun” he said giving her a hug “Hi” she said. They got on the elevator and met everyong in the lobby. “Well well well its nice of u two to join us” Jc said with his arms around Benish’s waist. “Oh whatever” Justin said holding Jess’s hand. They walked out side into a crowd of screaming fans. Finally after a few pictures and autographs they borded the bus.

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