Chapter 1

The guys were rehearsing for there show in New York . “Hey guys don’t worry one more song and u’ll be able to rest, just one more!” one of there mangers Shawn said. “Thank god im so sleepy! JC said. “Man your always sleepy ” Chris joked. “ Shut it man!” The guys were bout to start the next song when all of a sudden two of there body guards came up the staris on to the stage carrying a girl that was kicking and screaming...........“ Let go off me....ugh don’t touch me!! ugh I don’t under stand why u had to freaking carry me here yah know I have legs and I have them cause I can WALK!! .........” a girl said. She was about 18 years old with brown hair she was kinnda short she looked really cute with overalls on , a white fitted shirt underneath Steve maddens and her hair was in pig tails. “Shawn this girl says she knows u” one of the body guards try to say but the girl kept wiggling so it was kinnda hard to hold her. “Guys its okay let her go she’s my lil’ sis. They let her down and she wiped her self off and stuck her tongue out at the big guys. While this whole thing was happening the guys were just watching in amazement....the person that was amazed the most was Justin he thought she was just so adorable.....he was speechless....he knew she was what he wanted and what he needed. She ran towards Shawn and gave him a big hug! “Hey shorty I missed yah” “yeah I missed yah too”. “So how college”. “its doing done I had my last finale last week” “That’s cool...hey I have an idea do u wanna come on tour with us for the summer it would give us a great opportunity to hang and stuff?” “That would be so awesome.....but I dun I kinnda made plans with Benish we were supposed to do this road trip and stuff...” “She can come too! the more the merrier” “Are u serious..thats awesome” “But were leaving tomorrow so u girls have to be ready” “Yeah sure let me go give her a call” Jess walked to the side of the stage to call her friend with the good news. As she was using her cell Shawn was talking to the guys “So she’s your sister” JC said “ Yeah oh man I cant believe how she changed she’s not little n e more” “You can say that again” Joey said with a smirk. “Ugh is that all u ever think about Joey” Lance said disgusted “Yup” “So guys she’s coming with us on tour I hope u don’t mind and she’s bringing a friend. “Nah that’s cool” they all said. During this whole conversation Justin wasn’t even paying attention he was watching Jess. He thought to himself how cute she was she was what he wanted but how did he know this he didn’t even really know her he said to himself. “Justin are u cool with this?” Shawn said “Huh??” he said “OH yeah im cool im defintley cool with it” Everyone looked kinnda confused to Justin’s comment but they just let it go. Jess walked over to the group of guys. “Oh man she’s like totally buggin” Jess said They all just chuckled. Jess couldn’t help but notice that Justin kept looking at her but it didn’t matter to her she loved the attention. All the guys introduced themselves and when it was time for Justin they shook hands and there fingers lingered for awhile but everybody saw it but didn’t say anything. “Well I think its time for me to get going I need to pack and stuff ” “Okay” Shawn said “So well see u tonight before the concert” “Well I dunno if I can make the whole concert I kinnda have stuff to do before I leave” “Oh that’s cool just meet us by the bus” “okay see yah lata guys” She waved goodbye and started walking away she knew Justin was looking at her but she wasn’t sure so she turned to find him staring at her and she just laughed.