My Stories

Hey!! well these are my stories so i hope u enjoy them and send me feedback!!! im SERIOUS! if ya'll want me to update then i need to know if u liked it or not! so dont forget!!!!! Well have fun reading them! bye!

Disclaimer: Alright everyone knows the deal... these stories are NOT true! Hense the word FICTION! i do not know Nsync or anyone related to them... but i do know there stage manager Anthony hes my friends cousin cool guy meet him last year .. hes the guy if u saw when MTV went on tour with nsync for the first tour and him and JC were fighting yeah thats anthony and also he was on making the tour for the no strings attached tour remember when they were about to go on and Justin was walking to his spot and the guys that was walking with him with the long hair... yup thats anthony once again...And on the HBO Concert special if u taped it and u taped the beggining where they were getting intervied...well my friends sister and her friend were there watching sound check u can see them about 2 times there the two blonds leaning against the raling LUCKY THEM.... but anyway .. i DONT KNOW NSYNC! i do know someone who does but whatever! yah know what i mean! lol

*****And remember these are MY stories as in MINE like yeah ME! i wrote them so dont steal them its not kosher! haha lol...yeah so dont steal the Characters belong to ME there again MINE! so yeah u get the point just dont take anything without asking********

Summer of a Life time- rated PG-long-Justin/Jc /some of the group
Coyote Beautiful-rated PG-long/mostly Justin and Jc
*New * ... That's The Way Love Goes......
*New..Coming Soon*......Forgoten Memories........