Chapter 2

“ Thanks Sarah for watching Mariah for me” Meliss said sitting down on the couch. “ Sure no sweat sweety thats what sis’s are for. “ Sarah said as her and Lexa joined them. “Meliss are you gonna tell her or should i?” Alexa said getting a little empashient. “Uh-oh what happened?” Sarah said noticing something was up. “ Sarah i saw Justin in the mall today” Melissa said. “Really what did he say?” Sarah said getting interested in he conversation. “ Nothing he just kinnda started and i guess i did that same” Melissa said. “Well it was bound to happen sooner or a later u guys both live in Orlando! DUH” Alexa said. “I know but still.... i didnt talk to him i talked chris though he wants to talk to me so hes gonna call me tonight” Melissa said. “Typical of Chris....well sis u BETTER tell Justin while there home you cant hide it from him forever, i dunno know he hasnt found out that child looks just like him” Sarah said getting up. “He has a right as the father of that child...i dunno why you didnt tell him when you first found out he would of been there for you.” Sarah went on. “ I know Sarah i know ill tell him” Melissa said standing up. “ Promise?” Sarah said walking towards the door. “ Pinkey promise!” Melissa said hugging her sister and then Alexa. “ Ill call oyu later” Lexa said leaving . “ K bye hun!” The two sisters said. “If u need me tonight to watch Mariah i will so0 u can talk to him! alright?!” Sarah said hugging Melissa. “okay thanks again” Melissa said and closed the door. “God i hope he understands!” Melissa said as she started crying.

(Later that night)

*Ring*Ring* “Mommy i wanna get the phone” Mariah said running to the phone. “ Okay but be polite” Melissa said walking over to sit on the couch. “Hello” Mariah said into the Phone. “Um Hi is Melissa there?” said sounding a little confused to hear a childs voice. “ Um may i ask whos speaking.” Mariah said again. “It’s Chris” chris said into the phone. “Mommy it’s Chris, who’s Chris?” Mariah said to her mother. “ He’s a friend of mine sweety” Melissa said taking the phone fom mariah. “Hey chris” Melissa said cheerfuly into the phone. “Hi Meli....who was that?”Chris asked. “Oh ummm..that was my daughter Mariah Rose” Melissa said nervously into the phone. “Oh i didnt know you had a daughter” Chris replied. “ Yeah shes 5” Melissa said . “ Oh i must meet her sometime....yah come in, sorry melissa Justin was at the door” Chris said not even realising it. “Oh its okay” Melissa said shyly. “ Chris your talking tom Melissa?” Justin asked quitley. “ Yeah i am” Chris said holding his hand over the reciver. “ Melissa hold on a sec” He asked her. “ Yeah man its Melissa do u wanna talk to her?!” Chris asked. “Yeah..” Justin said taking the phone. “ Melissa?!” Justin asked wating to hear her voice on the other end. “ Justin?” Melissa replied . She was gonna get Chris for this. “God i know i was gonna talk to him but oh man Melissa thought. “ Melissa i really wanna talk to you” Justin said. “Okay do u mind coming over my house?” Melissa asked he had to know she thought he had to know he had a 5 year old daughter and the sooner the better. “Yeah is now fine?” He asked despretly waiting to feel her lips againgt his, to hold her in his arms, something he missed for almost 6 years. “Yeah thats fine...” Melissa said and gave him directions to her house. “Okay ill be there in a little while” Justin said. “Okay bye” Melissa said and hung up the phone. “I’ll be back later” Justin said and walked out the door.


Melissa was putting Mariah to bed. “ Good night my angel baby” Melissa said kissing Mariah on the forehead. “ ‘nite mommy” Mariah said pulling her doll closer to her small frame. “ Sleep tight” Melissa said shutting of the light and closing the door.

*Ding, Dong* The door bell rang. Melissa stopped as she reached the bottom of the stairs. “God what do i say, how to i greet him, how to i tell him, how the hell do i keep my hands off of him!” Melissa though and just laughed at her last comment. “Okay just breathe, open the door” . Melissa reached for the doorknob and opend the door . “Hey” was all Justin could say. She still looked so beautiful after all these years, even in black PJ pants and a black tank-top. “ Hey do u wanna come in?” She asked . He walked inside and she check him out. He was wearing a pair of kacki pants and a green ribbed tuurtle kneck sweater that flattered his body he looked amazing she thought. She lead him into the living room and sat down on the couch he took a seat next to her. There was a moment of silence. “Listen i” they both said at the same time. Melissa giggled “You go first” she said. “Okay, Melissa listen im so sorry for what i did to you, i didnt mean for any of it to happen i love you Melissa i always have and always will. When you walked out that door i never realized how uterly in love i was with you. God Melissa there was not one day that went by when i didnt think of you. I know an apology is not enoguh but let me make it up to you, please Melissa this is all i ask” Justin said , he kept eye contact with her the whole time. Melissa was speach less. “ Please?!” Jusitn pleaded as he moved closer to her. “Melissa please say you’ll give me another chance” By this time Justin was looking right into her eyes she could fell his breath on her face she would do anything to have him right then and there . He couldnt wait anymore he had to taste those lips again. He moved hsi head down and captured hsi lips with her. Melissa didnt object she had to addmit she wanted it to happen she loved Justin wiht all her heart. The kiss went on for a while longer it was something they both longed for. Melissa broke away he has to know she yelled at her self. “ Justin ....” Melissa started. “ Oh god im sorry Melissa i...” Justin said feeling imbaressed. “ No dont be Justin i wanted you to do that, its just theres somthing i need to tell you” Melissa said getting up from the couch. “ What is it Melissa , please tell me, u arent married or have a boyfriend or something?” Justin asked. “ No Justin im not married and i dont have a boyfriend, justin i..justin i” Melissa stuttered. “Melissa tell me please” Justin pleaded. “Justin i have a child. “ Melissa said. “Oh” Justin said he was a little shocked and also a little upset to think that somebody else had sex with the women he loved. Someone else had touched her. “Justin” Melissa said stopping justin’s thought. “Yeah” Justin said looking up. “ I have a daughter, shes 5 years old and her name is Mariah Rose” Melissa said standing by the other couch. “That’s a beautiful name , do u mind me asking who the father is?” Justin asked. He wanted to know the name of the other man that was with the woman he loved the woman who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “You...your the father Justin” Melissa said . Just as she said that she felt like 1000 bricks were lifter from her sholder , she had told him he now knows hes a daddy. But those 1000 bricks fell right on Justins sholders. “Www..what?” Justin said in disbelief. “ Your the father Justin, remember the night right before you told me you cheated on me..” Melissa stared. “Yeah i remember it that was an amazing night, but how can you keep this from me Melissa?” Justin asked getting angrier. “I dunno Justin i just couldnt tell you” Melissa said as she started to cry. “ What do u mean you couldnt tell me, you couldnt tell me your were pregnant or that you were caring my child?! Melissa i can’t beilve you” Justin yelled. “ Excuse me?! “ Melissa yelled back. . “I cant beilve you Justin, your the one who cheated on me Justin your the one who made the mistake i was not gonna go back to you after what you did to me and tell you i was caring your..excuse me OUR baby. I couldn’t go back to you Justin...u had your career i wasnt gonna put all this on you i knew i could raise this child by myself and i did...God Justin i wanted to tell you so many times but i was so hard!” Melissa cried. “ You coudnt tell me you were pregnant Melissa...what are u talking about?! i dont understand how you could keep this from me..god melissa u kept a child from me i cant belive this!” Justin yelled. “ Is that all you think about is you, you, you....justin your the one who cheated on me you would of found out if u didnt go and sleep with 4 other woman....And your sayign all this is my fault?! sorry justin i think not” Melissa yelled back. Justin sighed he couldnt believe that Melissa kept the fact that they had a child together a secret from him....he couldnt think straight. “Justin listen, im really truthfuly sorry, i wanted to tell you so much...but look we both made mistakes...and i know its gonna be hard to forget them but u need to tell me what you wanna do?!” Melissa said breaking the silence.

“ Mooooooommmmmmmy why are you yelling?” Mariah said coming down the stairs. “ Baby what are you doing up?” Melissa asked worried sh didnt know what to do she didnt6 know is Justin wanted to be apart of her and Mariah’s life she didnt know anything. Justin turned as soon as he heared a childs voice . There she was infront of him his daughter, she had her mothers blond hair but his curls and there blue eyes. He thought she looked more like him then Melissa. “I heared yelling so i couldnt go back to sleep” Mariah said walking over to her mother . “ Im sorry my angel” Melissa said picking her up and hugging her. She looked at Justin and noticed how much she looked like her father and she just smiled. She looked back at Justin and he had a smile on his face he motined for her to sit on the couch next to him. Melissa did as told and sat down with Mariah still in her arms. She turned Mariah around to face Justin. “ Mommy who is that?!” Mariah asked. “Thats Justin..” Melissa started. “Hi Mariah, im your daddy” Justin said he came to a decision he wanted to be in both there lifes. He loved Melissa and he didnt care right now that he kept it from him he was a dad of a beautiful little girl. Melissa was shocked and happy at the same time she was shocked cuz she had no idea if he wanted to be in there lifes and happy cause he decided that he wanted to be with them. Melissa smiled at Justin and he smiled back. Mariah looked at Melissa and then back at Justin. “ Daddy?!” Mariah said as if questioning his statment. “ Melissa nodded her head. “ Daddy!” Mariah said and jummped into Justin’s arms. Jusitn pulled his daughter close to him he couldnt belive that he was a father. Melissa started to cry something she always pictured Justin with there daughter in hsi arms finally knowing. “ Daddy, where have you been?” Mariah asked. “ That doesnt matter right now what matters is that im here right now okay?”Justin said and a tear fell from his eyes. “Okay daddy” Mariah said . She was too young to understand maybe someday she wou ld understand. Melissa still couldnt beleive what she saw infront of her . Justin holding there baby just like she always wanted. She was happy but this was only the beggining and she new that it was gonna be hard but they were gonna work through it

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