Chapter 1

“Good bye Justin” Melissa said as she got up from the couch and started walking towards the door. “ Meliss please dont go i didnt mean was a mistake” Justin said grabing her arm. “ Justin i dont wanna here your excuses....i cant beilve you Justin i gave you so much, i gave you my heart and you now how hard that was for me to do.” She said crying. “But Melissa” Justin said as he started to cry. Melissa wanted to run to him and hold him and tell him everything was okay but she couldnt , she wouldnt after what he did to her she couldnt. “ No buts Justin, you cheated on me after everything we’ve been through! GOD Justin i thought u loved me was that a lie?....i gave myself to you completly Justin and you had to ruin everything by sleeping with someone else! i cant belive you!” Melissa said getting angrier. “ Melissa I love you im so sorry” justin pleaded. “ I Love you too Justin but im sorry i cant be with you if your gonna do this Justin ...this isnt the 1st time and you know that i cant anymore Justin i cant” She said. Melissa walked over to Justin and kissed him one last time on the lips and walked to the door, picked up her bags and opened the door. “ Good Bye, Justin” Melissa said as she walked out the door. “ MELISSA NO” Justin said as he cried which seemed like forever.


(Almost 6 years later)

“Justin put on your glasses, do u wanna get jumped by a bunch of screaming girls?” Jc asked. “Not a bad idea if u ask me” Joey said. All the guys were headed to the mall they had a couple days off and decided to spend it home in Orlando. Nsync has been going strong for many years. They were still as popular then ever if not even more. The guys matured more. Chris was married , JC engaged and Lance and Joey were involved. As for Justin he was devistated when Melissa left him the guys triede to help him through , it took ahwhle but they got him to cheer up a little. He dated but he still had those feelings for Melissa. Right now he was kinnda with Britney but he really didnt care. “Comon guys this is store that dani wanted me to come in and pick up something on hold for her.” Chris said as the guys followed into the store. Chris went over to the casier and the rest of the guys looked around. “I think im gonna bring kelly here...that oulfit is HOT!” Joey said.

“ MELISSA get your ass out here now” Alexa yelled from the dressing rooms. “ i dont like this one its not well ummm me” Melissa said. “ Just come out here” Alexa yelled. “ Fine” Melissa walked out. “Girl you look awsome!” Alexa said.

“Oh man look at that chick she looks hot.” Joey said. “ Joey u can only see the back of her” Lance said. “ Well from the back she looks mighty fine.”Joey said smiling and checking her out. “ Justin!”Joey yelled. “ Come look at this girl” “Yeah Joe......” Justin said running over and the girl turned around. Melissa saw the man she walked out on 6 years ago looking oh so good! he always did, his hair curly those blue eyes his georgous body.

There she was he thought. She still looked amazing after 6 years with her long dark blond hair and her blue eyes. Standing tall at 5’7 and so beautiful he thought. The clothes she was wearing made her look so hot the black leather panks and a tight blue belly shirt.

“Melissa!” Alexa yelled. Melissa snapped back to reality looked at Alexa and then back at Justin. “ Lexie umm let me change and lets get out fo here.” She ran back into the room and started to change but stopped. “God what is he doing here i need to get out of here quick” Melissa thought to herself.

“ Justin alright stop drooling over the chick” Joey said. “Guys does that girl look familiar to you?” Jc said walking over. “Yeah but i cant put my finger one it” Lance said. “Guys its Melissa...the same melissa that left me the one that i loved and still love...”Justin went on before getting cut of by chris joinging the conversation. “ The same Melissa that loved you with all her heart and then u went and smashed everything buy sleeping with someone else” Chris said he was very close to Melissa when she started dating Justin he concidered her as his little sister .When she left Justin she kept in contact with chris for a little while but then stopped. “Yeah chris” Justin said sounding sad. “Im gonna go talk to her” Chris said walking up to her as she walked out of the dressing room. “ Meli!” Chris said running over to her. “ CHRIS omg hey!” Melissa said hugging him. “How are you doing?” she asked. “ Good. u?” he asked. “Okay im doin a little better..” She said as she looked over at Justin who was staring at her. “ You know he never stopped loving you” Chris said when he noticed the 2 looking at each other. “Listen chris i really need to go” Melissa started. “Its okay listen can i have your # were on vacation and maybe we can get together i miss you little sis!” Chris said. “Um yeah sure that would be great here call me tonight and u can come over ill cook you dinner or something.” Melissa said writing her # on a card. “Will do kido....bye know ur gonna have to talk to him sonner or later.” Chris said. “Well that later the better” Melissa said walking out of the store.

“Chris what did she say?!” Justin asked. “We didnt talk much but shes got a new number so im gonna call her so we can chill and yes ill talk to her” Chris said to Justin. “Thanks man....i dunno i havent relizid how much i missed her until i saw her good shes still so beautful.” Justin said. “Justin dont get your hopes up man alot could of happened in what , 6 years she could be married or dating , you never know.” Jc said as they walked out of the store. “Well thanks man that helps me alot all i know is that i wanna get her back guys, she means everything to me there was not a day that went by that i didnt think of her.” Justin said . “ AWWW” Joey said. “ DUDE shut -up!” Justin laughed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Mommy your hoooommme” Mariah Rose yelled as she ran to her mother. “Hi hunny look i bought you that barbie u wanted why dont u go play in the room while i talk to Alexa and Aunt Sarah okay?” Melissa told her daughter of 5 years old . She had Long surly blond hair bright blue eyes and looked just like her father. And her father was Justin Timberlake but he didnt know he was a father yet.....

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