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*These are Pictures and Bios of the Cast. The ppl are real but there names are changed and everything else about them all i used was there picture and some of them there first name... these are how i viewed the characters in my story!.... The bios are written in the 1st person and for those who dont know what that means it means that i wrote them as the character was filling it out something like u filling out your profile onling! yah know?!haha......Again i own these characters and this story! so dont steal! PLEASE! THANK YOU!*


Full Name:Rebecca Lynn Ambrosio

Nicknames: Bec, Becca, becky

Born: July 4,1983

Height: 5'5

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Color Eyes: Brown

Likes:Singing,Dancing, Parties,DMB(Dave Matthews Band),Shopping,Borrowing Cami's Shirts! and never giving them back!haha Guys...ect..ect..

Dislikes: Shady ppl, followers, Sushi, brocoli, Guys with BIG egos .....

Marital Status: who knows anymore and i dont care

Fav Quotes: "Good God!" "Hmm yeah thats kosher" "Whatever".... "Ummmmm" ~> ppl say i say those things alot..whatever!haha


Full Name:Anna Lee Ambrosio

Nick Names:Ann,Annabanana(the guys),Andy,Angel(JC)

Born: August 7,1979..whoohoo im 22!

Height: 5'6

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color: Green/Hazel...there weired but cool! lol

Likes: Modeling,Music,Nsync! hehe,shopping... my picture! haha oh yeah in ~> that picture thats when i dyed my hair lighter its back to normal now! hehe

Dislikes: Annoying ppl, a vegetarian, Barney= SCARY!,those stupid little advertisments that come up on ur screen when your trying to look for something on the computer!!...

Marital Status: Josh i <3 u!!!

Fav Quotes:"Cuz i might"....and yeah i think thats about it..


Full Name:Camielle Ann Olsen

Nicknames: Cami, Cam

Born: September 15,1983

Height: 5'4

Hair Color: Blonde

Color Eyes: Hazel

Likes:Dancing,Parties,DMB,Shopping,Guys, Reading,Becca's swing in her back yard!haha

Dislikes: ppl who are all talk and nothing else, Spiders!! yuck! LoL

Marital Status: Single and Ready to Mingle! haha

Fav Quotes: The one listed above!! LoL

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