Full Name: Joseph Antohny Fatone Jr.

Nickname: Mr. Flirt, Superman and Phat-One (play on his last name)

Birth Date: January 25th, 1977

Current Residence: Orlando, Florida

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Height: 6' 1''

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Naturally, Brown -

Past Work: Beetlejuice Graveyard Show at Universal Studios, 'Sea Quest', and a bit part in the movie 'Matinee'

Hobbies: Jet Skiing, Dancing, Listening to Music, Going Clubbin'

Bad Habits: Biting His Nails

Collets: Anything That Has To Do With Superman

Current Vehicle: Acura SLX

Family: Mom: Phyllis, Dad: Joe Sr., Sister: Janine, Brother: Steve (Steve tours with the group and video's behind the scenes for their next home video due out eventually)

Favorite Movie: 'Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory'

Favorite Colors: Purple and Red

Favorite Actor/Actress: Robert De Niro/Demi Moore

Favorite TV Show: Southpark

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Music: Boyz ll Men, and Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

favorite *NSYNC Song: "I Want You Back"