Jenni's Stories

Hey these are Jenni's Stories there REALLY good some are finished and some arent they will say there finished when there finished read them and send her feedback...just click on the mailbox...

Here is some background info on the stories:

"If Im Not The One"- Jenni, Bennie, Christine, and Anna are in a an aspiring group called SFA, but that all changes when Jphnny Wright and their ecoring company ask them to tour with *NSync. Suddenly, their lives are turned upside down as they journey on a chaotic tour filled with heart-ache, good-tmes, and new love. Rated PG-13.

"Ill Be Good For You Short Storie- Justin and Jenni have always been together. But, when Jenni cheats on Justin things change...for the bad. Can they both patch things up through time, and love again like they know they should. Or will they forever be miserable?(Finished)

"Ill Never Stop" - Jenni and Valen are stepsisters trapped in a world where they want nothing to do with. The two never get along, and despise each other with a burning hatred. That all starts to change when *NSync comes to stay in their mansion for the summer to record their new album. When Valen sees her step-sisters interest in Justin, she wants to do all that she can to break them up, but will her new found love for Joey stop that?

"You Dont Have To Be Alone" - The day Jenni met Justin, her world flipped upside down. Everything in her life seems to go just right until she learns Justin cheated on her for someone she truly despises. Can she patch things up with him in time for the Holiday Season? Or, will she be all alone?

" Best Friends Forever" -Justin and Jenni have been best friends as long as they can remember. They grew up together in every way possible, but things in their relationship start to change when Justin finds out the true feelings Jenni holds for him. What will he do? And how will he react?