Full Name: Joshua Scott Chasez

Nicknames: Big Daddy, Sleepy JC, Mr. Serious and Shazzam

Birth Date: August 8th, 1976

Current Residence: Orlando, Florida

Place of Birth: Washington D.C.

Height: 5' 11"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Brown

Past Work: Mickey Mouse Club (with Justin)

Hobbies: Writing Music, Dancing, Inline Skating, and (of course) Sleeping

Bad Habits: Biting His Nails and Procrastinating

Collects: Hard Rock Cafe Menus

Current Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Family: Mom: Karen, Dad: Roy, Sister: Heather, Brother: Tyler

Favorite Movies: All of the 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' Movies

Favorite Color: Orange, Blue, and Black

Favorite Actor/Actress: Harrison Ford/Meg Ryan

Favorite TV Show: Southpark, Felicity (His Old Friend and Work Companion Keri Russel Stars), and Friends

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite *NSYNC Song: It Changes From Day To Day