**Chapter 2**

When they arrived at the hotel it was around 11*00. The girls got out of the limo and saw many screaming girls they had no clue what was going on. Two big men came and took the girls and the guys and lead them threw the crowd. Everything was going by so slow. The girls walked threw a crowd of crying and screaming girls flashes going off every 5 seconds. “That was a close one u tinkg at 11 they would have left already.” joey said entering the lobby. Both girls were still very confused about the whole thing. “Excuse me Mr. Timberlake u had 3 calls “ a lady said walking up to him and handing him a piece of paper. “Timberlake, Timberlake why does that name sound so familiar” Jessica thought to herself. “Comon girls lets head up to our rooms” Jc said escorting lisa. “NO wait !!!” Jess yelled. “Whats wrong?” justin asked walking over to her. “I think u guys have some explaning to do on what the hell just happen outside!” jess said crossing her arms. She look so cute getting mad justin thought . “Jess do u know who we are?” justin asked her. “Um no why should i?” she asked. Everyone laughed. “Well u see us five are in a pop group yah know nsync?” justin said. “Oh i knew u guys were familiar i just didnt know” she said and started walking. “Why didnt u just tell us” lisa asked JC. “I dunno i guess we just felt liek normal people for once” jc said putting his arm around her. When they got up to the hotel room they all decided to chill and just talk. “So u girls that bar u work at is something else” chris said. “U can say that again” justin said. “Yeah i guess” jess said. “What do u mean by that?” justin asked. “Nothing i dunno” she said. “Do u girls go to school or n e thing?” Jc asked. “Well im done wiht school and im just workign at the bar” lisa said. “Yeah im done wiht school too but im a dancer so during the day i teach and take dance classes.” jess said. “Kool” Justin said he put his arm around her and she moved closer. “Im gonna go for a walk Lisa would u like to come?” Jc asked “Sure “ she said. “Im going to bed” lance said “Nice meeting u jess” he said. “Same here”she said. “Yeah good night guys” joey said and followed Lance . “I have to call dani ill see u guys later” chris said. “So i guess were alone now”Justin said. “Yeah i guess” jess said u can tell she was nervous. “Whats wrong jess?” he asked. “Nothing” she said. “Jess i know i have only known u a couple of hours but i can tell something is wrong?” he said looking into her eyes and brushing her hair from her face. She looked at him and said nothing. He moved in closer to kiss her all of a sudden the door flew open. Lisa and JC stood there out of breath. “There still out there” jc said out of breath. “JC cant u see im busy” justin said. “Oh sorry man well just go some were else.” Jc said. “No Jc its okay i think me and lisa should get going” Jess said grabbing her stuff. “Yeah im really tired plus we have a while to drive” lisa said. “Alright i guess ill call u tommorow?” Jc asked. “Yeah sure.” she said a kissed him on the cheek. “Bye Justin ” she said . “Bye Jess. The girls left and were on there way home.

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