**Chapter 1**

“Joey where are u bringing us” Justin asked. “Dude clam down were going to this bar a friend of mine told me about” Joey said. The limo pulled up to a bar the guys got out. “Coyote ugly???” Lance asked. “Yup this is the place” joey said walking to the door. “This better be a good place joey “ Chris said following joey. They all walked in and there were mostly all guys there but there were still girls. “Dude is this like a strip club or something” JC asked. “Nooo comon guys just trust me on this one” joey said. The guys were seated and told that there waitress would be there in a few minutes. “Jess, Lisa 5 really hot guys table 7” Samantha said. Samantha was one of the girls who worked at the bar with Jess and Lisa. Jess was the boss of the bar she had brown hair a little over her shoulders and brown eyes she was overall a very attractive 21 year old. Lisa is 22 she was the dreamer of the group all she wanted to do is become famous she had reddish brownish hair and green eyes she also was a very attractive young girl. “Oh hot guys were” Jess asked looking around “Table 7” Lisa said. They both looked over at table 7 . “Oh the brown haired one is really cute” Lisa said. “Yeah but I think the blond curly haired one is much hotter”. They laughed. “Wait why do they look so familiar” Jess asked . “I dunno have they been here before?” Lisa asked making someone a drink. “No I would know if they were here before” Jess said . “Oh well, listen im gonna go get there drink orders ill be right back” Jess said. Jess walked over to the table she was wearing black leather pants and a blue halter top. “Excuse me gentlemen my name is Jess also known as the boss so can I have ur drink orders?” she asked. “WOW” joey said looking up at Jess. She just smiled. “What he means is hi nice to meet u well just have 5 beers for now” Chris said. “Sure thing coming right up” she said and walked away. “WOW she was Hot” Justin said. “yeah I know” joey said. “Hey Lisa omg there even hotter up close.” Jess said getting there beers. “Really?” Lisa asked “Helllz” Jess said they laughed. “Lisa comon ur on stage in like 3 minutes.” Samantha called out “Alright im coming” Lisa yelled back “Good luck” Jess yelled at her as she walked over to the stage. Jess grabbed the tray and walked over to the guys table. “Alright here we are” she said placing the beers down on the table. “Thank” lance said. “Sure no problem , hey I never caught ur names “ Jess said “Oh sorry about that that is Chris, lance, Jc im joey and that is Justin” “Nice to meet u guys” she said . The lights went on by the stage. “Whats going on over there” JC asked. “Oh its just Lisa she’s gonna sing. “Cool is she hot?” joey asked. “JOEY” Lance said . “What???” he asked. “Dude calm down” JC said “Well Lisa is my roommate and my best friend ill let u decide on if she’s hot or not” Jess said walking away. “huh” joey said. They looked at the stage and there stood Lisa adjusting her mic. “Hey how we feeling tonight” she said. A whole bunch of hooting an hollering rang threw the bar. “Hot Damn is she hot” Joey said. “Uve got that right “ JC said. Lisa went on singing “I was born to make u happy” by britney spears. After the song Jess came back to the guys. “SO can I get u gentle men any thing else?” “U can get me date with ur friend” JC said not noticing he said it out load. “Ummm...ummm I mean another beer would be fine thank” he said trying not to be embarrassed “make that 5” joey said. “Sure thing” Jess said trying not to laugh. She walked away and felt someone staring at her she turned her head around and sure enough Justin was staring at her He’s been staring at her all night. She went towards the bar were Lisa was serving people drinks. At the same time she was being hit on by mostly every single guy. “Hey lis guess what?” Jess said putting some glasses in the sink “ What” Lisa said. “The guy I said is hot well he thinks ur hot too” Jess said. “What?!!?” Lisa said dropping a vodka bottle. “Lisa!” Jess said. “Sorry” Lisa said starting to clean up. “He thinks im hot omg omg what should I do?” Lisa asked freaking out “For a first thing clean this up then u can go bring them there beers ill cover for u over here” Jess said throwing her a rag. “okay” Lisa said she finished cleaning up the mess. She picked up the tray and started to walk towards the table. “Alright Lisa breath He’s only a guy” she told herself. “Yeah only a really hot guy” she said. “Hey im Lisa” she said handing them there beers. “hey” they all said. “hi” she said and looked at JC they stared at each other for a few minutes. Justin decided to brake the silence. “Um Lisa is it?” he asked her. “Oh um yeah that’s my name” she said snapping back to reality. “So weres ur friend Jess?” he asked. “Oh Jess she’s working at the bar” she said pointing towards the bar. “Thanks” he said. Lisa talked to the guys for a little while more and then went back to work . “Hey” Justin said to Jess. “Oh hey whats up?” she said poring someone a drink. “Nothing” he said “cool” she said. “Hey ill be right back “ she said walking towards the other end of the bar. “Excuse me miss may I have some water” a young man said. “What?” she said. “can I have a glass of water “ the guys said again. “DO WE SERVE WATER IN THE BAR?” she yelled. “HELL NO H2O” mostly everyone yelled. Jess pulled out a drink hoes and squirted the guy with it. Everyone was hysterical. She walked over to Justin just giggling. “K im back” she said. “What was that” he asked still amazed “Oh nothing” she just laughed. “Well what time do u get off?” he asked. “Right now seems like a good time” she said smiling “What do u mean right now don u have a time u have to work till?” he asked. “Remember Justin im the boss around here I can leave when ever I want.” she said very flirty. He just smiled. “Wow he has such an amazing smile” she thought. “Jess um can I have the rest of the night off they guys asked me to go back to the hotel with them and chill” Lisa said with the guys behind her. “U wanna come too “ Justin asked her. “Yeah lets go” she said. “Well meet u guys in the front we have to get our bags” Lisa said. They all agreed. The girls met them outside and hoped in the limo and were on there way to the hotel.

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