Chapter 2

(Later that night) Me and the girls got ready for the show. “ Girls comon” I said waiting by the front of the bus. Britt and Liz were sitting on the couch waiting to go. “Were ready but i dunno bout Princesses Janet and her tag along “ Liz said as soon as Rebecca came in the room and she just looks at us. I liked Rebecca she was really sweet i dunno why she hung around Janet me and Britt think that Rebecca is just scared of Janet but we haven’t figured it out yet. “ Hey becca, i didn’t mean that i was just playing around” Liz said feeling sorry. “Liz its okay i know u were joking” Rebecca replied. “Comon girlie your with us now” i said and grabbed Rebecca’s hand and walked of the bus with Britt and Liz followed. “But, but what about Janet?!”Rebecca said. “becca, becca, becca you worry too much , forget about her your wit us now and were gonna have alot of fun got it?” I said as we all walked away from the bus. “Rebecca!!, what are you doing come back here i need your help!!” Janet said getting of the bus. Rebecca looked at me and the girls and then back to Janet. “Janet SHUT-UP and go help yourself!” Rebecca yelled. Janet’s face was priceless. “ HELLZ YEAH!” Liz said. “Way-to-go becca!” i replied. “ Comon girls our men are waiting for us!” I said

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“Hello ladies” Chris said as we walked in. “ Hey old man!” i replied. “Jc keep your girl’s mouth shut!” Chris said back. JC pulled me over and kissed me. “I didn’t mean like that...whatever” Chris said and Liz sat next to him. Everyone was making out and Lance didn’t know were Janet was. “ Guys were is Janet?” Lance asked. I pulled away from JC. “Umm probably bragging to some random people that shes going out with you” I said as JC showed me with kisses all over my face. Everyone busted out laughing after i said it but Lance didn’t seem to happy about it. “ Rebecca?!” Lance said. “Sorry” Rebecca said and went back to kissing Joey. Lance left to room in search for Janet. “Babe that was mean!” JC said to me. “Sorry but it was true...shes so snobby and bitchy ugh! i dont think she even loves lance shes just in it for the fame” i said. “Well you have to let lance take care of that” Chris said as Lance walked in the door with Janet right next to him. “ Well if it isn’t Ms. Princesses Janet herself”i said and rolled my eyes when she shot me a nasty look. I have to admit i enjoyed doing it. I personally think everyone else enjoyed me doing it as well the only too who didn’t were lance and of course Janet. Lance knows that i hate her with passion and i told him it has nothing to do with him that boy is awsome its just her. “Shut-up Ashley” Janet snapped back. “ Excuse me?!” I said getting off of Jc’s lap. “ You heard slut!” Janet answered back. Everyone sat there in disbelief . We always fought but never like this. “Slut?!...i think you have it backwards im far from a slut i think your the slut!” I yelled back. “Oh really how am i a slut.” Janet yelled. “Oh u wanna know how...why i remember when was it oh yes 2 weeks ago in LA his name was umm Jason right?!...yah know they guy u left with and then told Lance your weren’t feeling well?!” i said everyone gasped. “Janet is it true?!” Lance asked. “ lance i love you i would never do that..that little bitch is lying” Janet said. “Im not Lying” I replied back. “ Rebecca you were there, tell everyone the truth!...Rebecca come on”Janet said. Rebecca stood up.. “You want the truth Janet?!.. ill tell you the is true” Rebecca replied. “Rebecca what are you doing?!” Janet said looking at Rebecca. “Im telling the truth Janet i cant take this n e more you think you can run all over me well your not gonna keep this from a really good friend of mine, he deserves to know the truth...he deserves to know about Jason and all the others” Rebecca yelled back. I was shocked i didn’t Rebecca was gonna rat her out but im glad she did. “All the others?!” Lance asked shocked. “Yeah theres a list wanna here it?!...Jason was in LA.....Mike in San Diego....Louis is Dallas....ummm Jordan in new Orleans...Mark is New York...who else am i missing?! oh yes Paul from Orlando” Rebecca said. “Janet i need to talk to you outside NOW” Lance said and Janet walked out the door followed by Lance. Everyone sat in Silence. “ Im sorry everyone” i said i felt kinnda bad. “Baby its not your fault....i cant believe she cheated on Lance so many times” JC said he put is arm around Ashley. “I cant believe that becca stood up to Janet like that” Justin said high fiving Rebecca she just laughed. “I dunno why i did, i just did” Rebecca said. “ Well its good that you did bec, is better for lance to find out now then later” Joey said. “6 guys damn” Chris said. And everyone laughed. “To be exact it was 9 but hey whos counting” Rebecca replied back. “Girls i think we found a new member of our club!” i said. “ Comon gurlies lets let our men finish getting ready for the show.” Britt said and with that we left. “ Lance im sorry” I said giving him a hug. He was outside leaning against the wall and you can tell he was crying. “Its okay Ashley , i wanna thank you for telling me i really appreciate it u saved me” Lance said giving her another hug. “ You too Becca thanks alot” Lance said hugging her. “So umm where is Janet?” Liz asked. “I broke-up with her she should be on the bus packing her things shes leaving tonight at 8” Lance said. “ You’ll be okay you better off with out her now go get ready for the show!” I said and gave him a little push. “ I forgot my bag on the bus” Britt said as she headed towards the bus . We all walked on the bus and sat in the front. Janet was there packing her things. “I cant believe you! do you have nothing better to do then mess in other peoples lives!” Janet yelled. “Woah come down there emril!” I said and laughed. “ You did it to yourself your the one who cheated on Lance how many times...becca please help me out?!” i said. “9.. “ becca said. “Thanks Hun...yeah 9 guys!” i said. “Why you little...” Janet started and slapped me across the face. “U bitch! i said and jumped on her. “Girls Girls” Lonnie said getting on the bus followed by Dre there other bodyguard. Lonnie grabbed me and preyed me off of Janet. “Lonnie let me go im gonna kick her little anorexic ass!” i screamed. “Whats going on here” the guys said coming on the bus. “ Janet slapped me so i jumped her” I yelled. “Thats my girl” JC yelled form the back. “ JC shut -up” i yelled. Everyone laughed. “Lonnie put me down” I yelled. “ fine but be nice” he told me “ Okay okay i will” i said and he put me down. “You little skank whore!” i yelled as i ran after Janet and beat her to the ground. “ ASHLEY!” Lonnie said and pulled me off oh Janet again. “JC take your girlfriend far away as possible” Lonnie said handing me over to JC. JC put me over his shoulder and exited the bus followed by everyone else. “JC i can walk yah know!” i said. “I know but i know you ash and as soon as i put you down your gonna run right back on the bus and kill Janet” JC said. “So...i dont think anyone here minds....oOoO i like this view!” i said and smacked his ass. He put me down. “What am i gonna do with you?!”Jc asked and kissed me. All of a sudden i heard screaming i looked behind the guys and saw a stamped of girls running. “Imm i dunno but if you want me alive i think we should run FAST!” i said and they guys turned around and ran for there lives into the arena.

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