Chapter 1

Well, before I start let my introduce myself. My name is Ashley. Many girls would kill to be in me place everyday with the guys of *NSYNC. That's the life right? WRONG! Yes, I'm the girlfriend of JC but it's not peaches and cream all the time. Being on tour with them does have its upsides, trust me. But twice as many downsides. First of all they still have a jam-pack schedule when they are on tour, that means we don't really get anytime alone*wink*wink* (nah im just playin hehe). Then the concerts, when you go to the first two it's great your out there screaming with the fans, but then that gets old so you have an hour and a half or two hours by yourself. Also I'm not the only girl on tour the others guys brought their girlfriends too. I get along with most of them but then theres always that we want to just kill.

"WE WANT *NSYNC, WE WANT *NSYNC," the audience chanted. "God, does anyone have a Tylenol," Janet yelled walking onto the bus. "Those girls are driving me crazy." "Here," Rebecca threw her bottle at Janet. "You should be used to it by now." "I know I should." She popped two into her mouth. "I'm surprise the princess Janet hasn't complain yet," I said as i laid in my bunk in the back. "Me too," Brittany said ( i know your probably thinking Britney Spears but umm no not her hehe). She was one of my best friend on the tour we do everything together. Justin and her really loved each other. (You have to see it when they get together.) "Princess Janet hates it when girls scream for her man. It's just gives her a headache." "We don't want the princess getting a headache now do we." We both laugh at how spoiled Janet is. Lance should have gotten much better. I'm mean she is just to full of herself and is even more of a brat because she's going out with him. Anyway I really don't care about her. "Where's Liz?" "She out there with the guys some where." "Let me get off the bus, I'm going to see what's JC doing." I said as I sat up and dropped down to the floor. "Where my flip-fops?" "At the back, I wore them last night." Brittany turned her head to face the wall "I'm going to sleep." "Did Justin keep you up last night?" "No, and shutup I'm trying to sleep." "You should have done that last night." I said and Brittany gave me a nasty look. "I love you too."i said “Ahh forget it im coming with you” Britt said as we walked to the back. “Loser” i said. “Ashley shut up” britt said back. "Rebecca did you see my flip-fops." "Um, yeah it's right over there," she said pointing to where Janet was sitting. Rebecca is okay we talk but were not that close. She hangs out with Janet most of the time. I really don't keep track with her and Joey relationship. I walk over and got my shoes. "So you're not going to grace me with a hello?" Janet said not taking her face out of the seventeen magazine. "No," that was my simple answer. I walked out of there without getting smart with her I'm very proud of myself for doing that. We walked off the bus to search for the boys. Girls were everywhere, we decide to see where most of them were heading and that's where the guys are. I did that for ten minutes and went to look for Lonnie. "Hey Lon where are the guys?" "Meet & Greet," he said back. "It should be over in ten minutes." "Well, for that ten minutes can we hang out with you." "Nope," he said hands strongly across his body. "Why not," Brittany asked. "Because I don't want anything to happen to you girls." "So you do care about me." i said hugging him "No, because I don't wanna get fired." "Ha, very funny that's why I don't wanna hang with you anyway." "Bye, Ashley bye Brittany." "Bye." we walked off to look for Liz. I went into the place where they held the meet & greet . She was standing by the door; Liz and I knew each other before the tour. We went to the same high school but we weren’t very close then but were good friends now she was dating Chris. I whispered, "Liz, what's going on?" "The mock interview," she said not taking her eyes off of the guys. "One girls ask them if they wear boxers or briefs." "I can answer that for her," Liz shot me a look and laughed. "Well, Joey said he didn't wear any." "Only Bec would know about that." Britt said "That's true." We focus are attention back to the boys. "I wonder how the girls would react if they found out that we were on tour with them?" "That's a real good question. Hey come follow me I have an idea." We walked around to the other door where some bodyguards stood in front the door. "What are you doing?" Liz said pulling me back before I walked into the door. "Well, I'm going to asked the guys a question." I said pulling my hand back. "What kind of question." Britt asked not liking the idea "About us. I'm going to act like a fan and ask where are their girlfriends while they are on tour?" "That's good, what else?" "I don't know you think of something." "Okay, what about this? What is the most romantic thing you want to do for yall girlfriends?" My eyes brightened up, "That's good. I wanna see if they actually speak the truth." We had to show the guards are passes to get in then we got in line to ask a question. Ten minutes passed and we were next. Some of the girls ask really dumb question like what's your favorite color. Anyway we are up next. "Ladies, please state your name and your question into the mike," the host said. I saw a smile peek on Justin ,JC and Chris’s face as they saw us step up to the Mic. "I'm Liz and my question is what is most romantic thing you want to do for a girl?" "Well, I know I'm not that very romantic," JC said. I winked at him when he said that and scratched the back of his ear. (That's one of our secret signals.) "But for that particular girl I want to take her on a romantic trip any place she wants. Then we go out every night I'll treat her like a princess." "Okay my turn," Justin said eagerly. "First I'll send flowers to her apartment. Not just one I want the whole front of her apartment filled with flowers. Then leave little notes every where in the place so she could figure out what's going on. Then have a limo pick her and take to a spa. That night I would meet her at her favorite restaurant." He didn't take his eyes off of Brittany when he explaining. "And after that we would go back to my place." The girls in the crowd let out little sound. “Well i would take her to her favorite Restaurant and then maybe take her to the beach for a walk and whatever else she wanted to do.The other guys answered the question. I didn't pay much attention to them. I was trying to decide where I wanted JC to take me. Then it was my turn. "My name is Ashley and," I was cut off by JC. "That's is a pretty name." He said I was trying not to turn blush so much. "Thank you," I said like a love struck schoolgirl. "And my question is do your girlfriends ever come on tour with you?" "No, they can't." My jaw dropped I can't believe this he just lied. "It would be to hard." I gave a fake smile and thank you and walked off. Liz and Brittany followed my out. “ Hey i didn’t get to ask my question” Brittany said "I can't believe he lied," I yelled walking to the bus. "Ash calm down they probably had to do that because of the publicity." Britt said "I know but that's wrong. I mean I remember when they couldn't say they had girlfriends. And when they did none of the fans went crazy or started to hate them. "I know but anyway, where are you going to have JC take you." I looked at her and laughed. "Girl, I'm still thinking." We all laughed and walked to the bus. "So did you and Janet get into to in today?" "No, I was able to bite my tongue." "I'm proud, that's a first for you Ashley." Liz said laughing


"What was that all about," JC said walking into the bus. "What are you talking about," I said looking confused. "When yall came to the meet & greet. “Yall?!” i said “Ashley!” "Sorry , well I wanted to know something. So I need you to help me pick out a place to go." "How do you know I was talking about you." "Funny! Ha ha ha." "So are you coming to the show tonight our are you going chill with Janet." he said taking a sip of his soda."Why?! are you people trying to make us fight again?" i said "I'm not trying anything. I just think you need to back me up with the show tonight. I'm feeling a little tired and I need your support." He wrapped his strong arms around my waist. "So what's your answer?" "Ya, I'll go." "Thanks babe," He kissed my neck. "Did you have lunch yet?" "No, I was going to see you at sound check then we could have have lunch together? Right?" "Right, babe?" He said with a kiss on my cheek and took my hand and we left.

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