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Front Row: left to right-Mugsy, 2NB215(Silver Streak), 2NB623(Stallion), 2NB627(Outlaw). Backrow-2NB420(Wanderer), 2NB460(Sledgehammer), 2NB242(Commander), 2NB687(X-ray), 2NB696(Ridge Runner), 2NB372(Wild Turkey), 2NB159(Nastyboy).Not pictured-2NB777(Broken Handle), 2NB848(Iron Eagle), 2NB069(Night Stalker).

The Nastyboys are an 11 meter radio club in the Tri-State area.

Bearmountain map

November Bravo is a fine group who all met over the radio and became good friends. The name comes via the Violet Fox on one of the many occassions when I pissed her off.

We call 27.165 on the am side home. We can also be found on 27.830 lsb. The NB Network has many international members and welcomes new ones. E-mail for further details. So if you're ever in the neighborhood or conditions are right, pop on in and say "hi." Just remeber, no cursing between 8 am and 10 pm.