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The In Loving Memory Of webring is for those who have sites dedicated to lost loved ones....dedicated to someone you knew, who made and impact in your life. (i.e. -- Princess Diana & Mother Theresa-type sites are not for this ring) Although I sympathize 100% with all types of loss and I apreciate the call for children's memorials, there are already so many rings for those........

I check each & every site that submits to the ring, so please make sure that you have the HTML coding on your page. I check the sites often and do delete sites that do not display the ring fragment. This is in order to keep the ring running smoothly. If you need help with the HTML, don't be afraid to ask. :o) Also, Angelfire will not link images anymore so when you add the fragmenting you must save the graphic to your own server/site! Otherwise in place of it, there is an ugly button that says "Image Supplied by Angelfire" or something of that nature. Again, email me if you need help.

After you submit your site to the ring you will be sent an email with your HTML coding and ring information....I do not check the ring as often as I should, so when you get this email please forward it to me so I know someone has submitted to the ring.

Make sure that when you submit your page for the ring that you include all the information CORRECTLY. This is very can always change your info later on, too. (if you don't know how and need to, just email me with whatever you need to change)

Okay, now on to the good part, lol.

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That's it. Email me if there is anything you'd like!

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