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                                                             Welcome to Linda Lee's HomePage
                                                    Tech Prep Class of 2000

Hi!! My name is Linda Lee, and I am currently a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Career. I intend to major in public relations  &  marketing communications when I attend Fashion Institute of Technology in the Fall of 2000.
Being a member of the Tech Prep program gave me the opportunity to prepare the challenges that I will facing when I entered college. Each assignments below, portraits different aspect of my writing skills and my best effort to
complete each tasks.


                                                                     TABLE  OF CONTENT

  Project I. College Portofolio
 My College Essay
 How is it like to do college search on the internet
 My recommendation on the best two colleges

    Project II: "The Allegory of The Cave" by Plato

    Project V: The Jungle
                 Pre Reading Actitivies
                 Post Reading Actitivies
                 Group Project

  Project VI: Writing about New York
Unquiness of My Neighborhood
A Sense of My Neighborhood

       Interview From Three Generations
       Day by Day

Project VIII:  MacBeth

    Project X: Career Portfolio
                     Cover Letter
                     Unforgettable Experience


     Book Reports