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"Not With our System!


You CAN Build A Successful Business Online!

It takes dedication, hard work and consistent effort on your part. It also requires that you follow a system that works. We can provide you with that system. We can provide you with ways to drive people to your free website. Dozens a day! If you are a good student and will follow instructions, we guarantee you success.

We offer you the following absolutely FREE !

I know you are anxious to read about HOW YOU MAKE MONEY.....

I will be nothing but honest with you and tell you right up front that in order for you to earn a check each and every month with our company and system, you will need to purchase products... Now, don't get scared off... You will NOT be spending ANY NEW MONEY!! That's right!  Still with me?

Let me explain and you will learn more as you go through the free demonstration. You will be receiving emails everyday for ten + days to educate you on our company, products and this system.  You are free to ask questions at any time!

Let's get to the interesting part...

This system works if you work, so come on board and try it out! 


The Miracle Marketing System

The Miracle Marketing System was created to accommodate 95% of people who love the concept of direct referral marketing but have no background in sales. Our system gives the average person the ability to build a successful referral marketing business in a true inexpensive part-time fashion. We are a TEAM of ENTREPRENEURS who have the support, training & tools available to help you become successful. With 4 + years of PROVEN experience marketing on the internet you are assured that qualified team leaders are standing by ready to help you build your business.  Wait until you hear about the Awesome company we are with!!  Geez, I'm excited!

We know that to be successful in Direct Referral Marketing you MUST have a “Turn-Key” training system. The system must enable you to have 200-300 prospects reviewing your information and opportunity every month. And this MUST happen while you’re eating, sleeping, traveling, on your "other J.O.B." (just over broke)  or spending time with your family. This happens when your prospects are reading through your website, reviewing the information from your company or listening in on a conference call.

Then, when they’re 99.9% sold, they get a hold of you saying...

" Tell me what to do!

I’m signing up!"

Miracle Marketing System can help you build a large organization  in a very short period of time. The system will amaze you...It is very simple. It qualifies, sorts for leaders and basically does the prospecting for you. If you work it, it works!

Now, before we go on to explain our system in more detail, we'd like to ask you a question.

"Are you 'REALLY' serious about building a successful home based business?"

Because if you are, we're serious about helping you to do just that with our Customer Direct Marketing Company and this system.

Now, in order that you clearly understand how we will go about doing this we have put together the following list of frequently asked questions. If, after reading through the list carefully, you have any other questions, please contact us directly and we'll make sure to answer them promptly. You will find contact info at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are those people on the "welcome page"
going to be in my downline?

Yes, exactly! as those people under you join the business opportunity, they will be placed in your downline. If you enroll in the company before them, you will reap the rewards of being quick to respond.  Even those that are ABOVE you will be in your organization... IF you respond before they do!.

Why do you build your downlines like this?

The reason is quite simple, yet so often overlooked by many people in network marketing.

Once you understand our compensation plan from our AWESOME company, you will see why we are anxious to help you get a check right away. The idea is to get you to join the business opportunity that we represent.  Wouldn't you be more likely to do that if you knew your product would be paid for or close to it within a very short time?  What if it is product that you buy already every week only much more SAFE for your family and yourself?  Higher quality products?  No carcinogens in them?  Environmentally friendly?  What if it was ONLY replacement shopping and not boxes of pills piling up in your garage?   What if you can get them right over the internet?  What if you had 95% re-order rate in your organization?  Whew!  That sounds like a win/win to me!  Sign me up!

Wouldn't you stay excited if you saw new members coming into your group constantly? What if some of them turned out to be VERY motivated to build a large business? I have found this to happen... I was not that "heavy hitter", but some people I met were!!

If you want to build a long term residual income in network marketing you need to have a system that will keep new members motivated, and yourself motivated. This is an emotional business and excitement is important! Our system ensures that everyone working  this business will stay excited and growing. Residual income is what this is all about! If you need an explanation for "residual income", please ask your sponsor for that information.  (There is a great explanation in the members section... oops, you gotta join first to see it!)  

Did I tell you that there is a multi-step training course in the members site also?   Did I tell you that all the tools you need are there also?  All you have to do is follow the instructions!!  It's great!

So that's basically WHY we are doing this downline building system. To help YOU earn a check ASAP!!

So how would this benefit me?

Besides all the above.. YOURS FREE !!...

.Our system will allow your sponsor to place people in your organization on one leg. You will be paid on these members as long as you purchase products and meet the qualifications. Your sponsor will continue building this one leg for you while you start your own and with the Team's help you will be growing quickly. You can watch what your sponsor is doing by checking on Page 2 daily! Our compensation Plan is very lucrative with bonuses for fast builders. In fact some people are making astounding incomes their first and second months in the business just from bonuses alone!

So in actual fact, if I join,
you will be building my downline for me?

Absolutely not!

Yes, it's true that if you join, you will benefit from the people we place below you in one leg, but please keep in mind, this is only one leg. It will be important for you to build your own Miracle Marketing downline legs. Once you follow our extensive training and build your first leg then you will see profits like you have always dreamed about. Soon afterwards your dreams will begin to materialize just like ours.

Remember, this is going to be your business, and you will be ultimately responsible for it's success.

So how does the Miracle Marketing demonstration
page with my name fit into all of this?

All of the people on that list are in the same position as you are right now. They are taking our demonstration, and evaluating our system.

If I decided to join your Miracle Marketing group right now, would the next person to join from this list be placed under me?

Exactly, that's precisely how our system works. And the next person to join will be placed under them! That is our commitment to you.

Is this demonstration REALLY free?


Will I ever be under any obligation to join the business opportunity?

Under obligation, NO! But in order to take advantage of our system, and to qualify for commissions, yes. You will be surprised at how little of "replacement" shopping you need to do to qualify for a check! Remember, there is NO NEW MONEY SPENT!

To qualify for commissions when will I have to join the company?

You can join the company anytime during the demonstration.

What happens once I have finished the demo?

Once you start the demo, your name will remain on the page until your sponsor removes it. After your 10th email message (The Miracle Marketing System demo includes these emails), you will have a few more days to decide.

What will it cost me to join the company?

I'm SO glad you asked! Start up cost is $29 U.S. for your professional business portfolio and $39 Canada.  (Special circumstances for Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan)  This is 100% guaranteed for 120 days! If you do not feel Customer Direct Marketing is for you, you get your full refund! We have a strong hunch however that you will love this!

Secondly, place a product order of products you are buying already every month for your family, ie; "replacement shopping". You will learn all about these fantastic products in the emails you will be receiving each day. NO NEW MONEY here! The products are 100% guaranteed!

If I join the business opportunity will I be able to create my own Miracle Marketing System so that I can do the same thing as you?


And as a matter of fact, that is what makes this system so POWERFUL. It is very easily duplicated.

Once you join the company, you will set up your own "Miracle Marketing System" just like this one with all your own personal information that you can promote. FREE!

At that point you will have ONE downline leg being built by us (this one), PLUS you will also have the one that you are building. That makes TWO legs. Then you can start another leg, and then you'll have THREE legs growing in your downline!! The people who join with you will be doing the same thing and you will experience perpetual growth.

Our compensation plan rewards fast growth with VERY LUCRATIVE bonuses!

The system just keeps on duplicating itself like that! You just can't beat the simplicity!

And we didn't stop there, it gets even better!!

What we have developed is a VERY POWERFUL recruiting
and training system that will allow you to build a successful business online in less than 60 minutes per day!

What is "Referral Marketing"?

Referral Marketing is much like Network Marketing. Rather than marketing their own products some companies allow independent entrepreneurs to market their products for them. Commissions are paid to those entrepreneurs for every product sold.

The difference between Referral Marketing and most Network Marketing is that in Referral Marketing there is no inventory to buy and stock, no collections to make, no deliveries and very little paperwork. You simply refer people to the company’s sales force.

Referral Marketing Allows you to...

Set your own hours, work when you want
Work in the comfort of your home
Be your own boss
Substantial Tax Benefits
No ceiling on income
Profit in your first month
No previous experience necessary
Succeed by helping others

You Will Never Build a Downline
By Yourself Again!

Talk is cheap. Don’t believe it? Just make a phone call  to verify the above statement. Go ahead we challenge you to do this for your own “peace of mind”. Your sponsor info is posted below.

Fact #1: 95% of people in network marketing are part time
Fact #2:
95% are NOT sales types and don’t want to learn
Fact #3:
95% do NOT sponsor new members effectively.

Now, to be successful in network marketing you have to do some work! We didn’t say a ton of work, we said “some” work. And this is where our system shines.

Our system has been set up so it is entirely automated!
You can build your business in less
than 60 minutes per day!

From setting up your own replicating page, to advertising and generating prospects, to following up with those prospects. Every step has been simplified, requiring virtually only the push of a button.

You see, we fully understand that success in network marketing is really only a numbers game. Present your opportunity to enough people, run them through your follow up system, and then sign up the ones that are interested.

The problem is that most people in network marketing don't present their opportunity to enough people. And those that do rarely take the time to PROPERLY follow up with those prospects that have shown an interest.

That is why we developed our system! So that you don't have to waste your time on the tedious tasks of following up. All you have to do is answer the questions of your interested prospects, and to help them sign up!  We also TEACH you how to drive prospects to your page.

It just doesn't get any easier than this!


Want to know more about the company?

Keep Reading to Find out about........

Customer Direct Marketing

From their humble beginnings over 15 years ago our company has been built on trust, integrity, and honesty. The product line is the most incredible on the market, bar none! Most product prices have actually come down instead of risen because of raw material costs going down... they pass that onto us!! Unheard of! Some Leaders are earning well over 1 million dollars a year! We are the only direct marketing company still growing every year where 99% of the others go backwards after 5 years of operation! We are now a $500 million a year company!   We are in USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and all US territories.

Our company was a member of the Inc.500 five years in a row and is a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau. They are listed with Dun & Bradstreet with an A-1 rating. They have been debt free and "rock solid" as a manufacturer for over 15 years!

Our time tested products are proven by scientific testing, many with patents and patent pending. Our products are not released to the market until they are proven safe and better quality than anything on the market today! Products that everyone uses everyday of their lives! That is why we can say, "NO NEW MONEY SPENT" here! OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED!! They are environmentally friendly, safe, exclusive and of the highest quality with price comparisons to major brands. You will find savings up to 40% on products you already purchase. You get them for 30 to 40% off retail!!

BEST NEWS YET? We can boast a 95% re-order rate, month after month! What you build today, you do not have to re-build next month! Why? People LOVE our products and become customers for life!

Customer Direct products are exclusive.
You can't get them anywhere else, for any price.

Our TEAM is committed to YOU!


There is absolutely NO RISK to you!


Fill out the form that is linked below where it says "Getting Started".. this will email your sponsor and let them know you are ready to enroll.  

Six Easy Steps to Ensure Your Success

Order your portfolio and products to finalize the enrollment process.

Set up your Free Miracle Marketing System by going to the link at the bottom of this page and click your way to the FORM to enroll! It is just that simple!.

OK, Ready to get started?   CLICK HERE

Your sponsor will send you the training site as soon as your enrollment is confirmed.

Share your new site with everyone you know online, your family offline and co-workers. We have a training site that would cost hundreds for you and it is FREE! Everything you need is here in one spot!!

Use our automated follow up system to keep in touch with your prospects. (This will take less than 5 minutes each day)

Answer your prospects questions, help them get signed up and then repeat this same process with them.   You're not left alone to do this on your own... This is a TEAM effort!

Note: Stay in touch with your enroller until you are through your learning curve!

Does this sound like something you can do?

You bet it is! Sponsoring has never been easier & with this being an international company, with 15 years of success, you have the added assurance that what you build today will be here tomorrow.

Our Miracle Marketing System was designed
for the 95% who HATE to sell, HATE to sponsor, but
like the idea of REFERRAL MARKETING!

Your pot of gold is here right now!
Don’t let this one pass you by!

OK, Ready to get started?   CLICK HERE


Jeffrey Casey
Customer Direct Marketing Consultant
Anaheim, Ca.
Day: 714-502-0688