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Internet Money Maker - a Myth ?
The Ultimate In FFA Marketing For Traffic!
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Not so! Making money on the internet is like riding a bike - it seems difficult at first, but if you do it right, it's actually very easy and great fun.
We keep hearing that the internet is supposed to be the place where you work a little and earn a lot.
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All you have to do is get yourself a website, or join an affiliate program, and hey presto, as if by magic, the visitors and the money come flooding in.
But every day, thousands get very frustrated when it doesn't work out that way - I know because that's what I went through when I started.
That's when I discovered a simple but Powerful Internet Marketing technique.
Like conventional business, success on the internet is a matter of the right type of marketing.
Traffic to a new website nearly always comes from another website.
You know how it is, most of us rush to get ourselves registered with the search engines, pay for banner ads on high traffic portals, post to FFA's, even host FFA's, and register with banner exchanges.
But then we hit a brick wall - the search engines rank us way down, the banner ads (if we can afford them) prove to be a waste of money, the FFA posts rotate us out for the 12th time, the FFA hosted pages sit idle since we're too busy telling the world about us to bother telling them about our FFA page, and the banner exchanges end up giving us 27 credits.
I laugh about it now. The answer is so simple, it stares most of us in the face.
It's when I was getting financially desperate that it clicked.
Actually, there's nothing new or magical about it - it's just the way I work it.
Based on hosting your own FFA pages on two FFA networks, the solution uses the strong points of the two, with one feeding the other.
Think of two players in a football team - one passing the ball and the other scoring.
When you put them together like I've done, the effects are explosive.
All I've had to do since the first couple of weeks is to send a few e-mails every day - just an hour a day now keeps the visitors, the business, and the commission cheques coming in.
Now, I am enjoying the benefits - high traffic levels, a successful website, and, as a bonus, tidy commissions.
So how's it done?
As I said, it is simple - just three steps and you're there.
It's like dynamite, and it doesn't even need to cost anything.
Here goes:
Step 1. The Exposure Engine
Click on the SmallBizFFA banner and sign up either as a free SmallBizFFA Member or as a paid SmallBizFFA BusinessPartner.
With SmallBizFFA, like all FFA sites, you can host your own page.
But, whereas with most FFA sites your ad or banner is displayed on your page only, each SmallBizFFA page carries six classified ads.
On your page, your ad is shown in position 1. Then, when you have people sign up directly under you, your ad moves down a slot on their pages.
This means that your classified ad is carried down up to six levels deep.
Assuming for a moment that you sign up 10 people, then each of them signs up 10 people, and so on, your classified ad ends up being carried on over a hundred thousand pages on a high traffic site.
But that's not all, you ad actually gets e-mailed to everyone who posts a link in your network. At an average 50 posts a day per page, thats over 5,000,000 e-mails every day SPAM-free.
These are the important, features of SmallBizFFA, because this is where you will be getting the vital exposure to your website.
Step 2. The Pitch
Create a single marketing page (like this one) and post it on the web - it's advisable to keep it separate from your main website, though you may want to keep it in the same domain like we've done.
Do remember, your message is your pitch to your customers - it's best delivered in your own style - personally, I prefer to use the frank and open approach.
Step 3. The Lead Generator
Click on the FFA Net banner below and sign up either as a free FFA Net Member or as a paid FFA Net Pro Member.
FFA Net has a brilliant feature - every time someone posts a link, a customised "thank you" autoresponder e-mail is sent to them.
This is where you can include a little advert linking to your marketing web page (the one you created in step 2).
Remember, the people who post to FFA sites are those who (like you and me) are trying to promote their website. They might not be interested in giftware, for example, but they will be interested in a system like this one.
FFA Net simply does the lead generation for you - hundreds of targeted and warm leads every day.
Becoming a paid member has great perks, and makes you money.
While each of the two FFA sites is slightly different, if you are a paid member, they both reward you with commissions for each of the other paid sign-ups under you. SmallBizFFA, for instance, pays $16 per paid sign-up under you.
As I mentioned, this grows into a tidy sum, and the sign-up costs are redeemed in a very short time.
But that's not all.
As a paid member, both sites also offer extra flexibility in customising your page.
In the case of FFA Net, paid Pro Members also get a daily list of e-mail addresses of all of the people who have posted during the previous 24 hours.
Every week, your mailing list will grow by another 2,000 addresses.
I can tell you from personal experience that the difference between being a paid member and a free member is huge and well worth considering.
It's simple and effective.
As you can see, the system is quite simple, and doesn't have to cost to put in place.
In our case, it's been more than worthwhile, and our traffic has certainly sky-rocketed.
If you do decide to put the system to practice, do bear in mind that like all network structures, you need to be a little bit more active at the beginning, but the growth is exponential and the benefits multiply.
Oh, and do remember you must never SPAM - it may get you a few sign ups in the short-term, but just a few complaints are enough to get your (and even your ISP's) mail cut off. Also, do give people in your mailing list the ability to opt out.
I look forward to you signing up. In the meantime, I wish you every success.
Robert (e-mail me)
P.S. If you decide not to join at this time, then do bookmark this page in case you change your mind later.

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