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spacer The monthly newsletter of Liberty Management Group Inc. August 2001

WELCOME to the August 2001 edition of the Liberty Ledger, a monthly newsletter designed to keep you informed of the latest developments at Liberty Management Group Inc. This is a special edition - an important message from the President. Comments or questions should be sent  here.

Important Message from the President

Hello once again, yes we have now reached 120 days since our launch. Things have been moving so fast it seems we've been open much longer.

I know everyone wants to hear the good stuff right away, so here it is: WE ARE NOW AT OVER 700 CLIENTS!!! Not too bad for our first 120 days, wouldn't you say!

I would like to take this time and express my gratitude because many of you have brought people into our great program and that really benefits the entire group. So once again, thank you all for being so wonderful and I'm proud to have you as part of our team.

Monday night we had our first Liberty Management Conference call with some key people in the company who are definitely helping in attaining our goals for all our clients. They have graciously written some comments for you to read.


I'm Rudy Lombardi and I've been a Liberty client for one month. My organization totals for the month of July have surpassed 100 Platinum members(in Coral Connection). I joined Liberty after a conversation with Paul Drummond. Paul explained the Liberty opportunity w/Coral, their marketing strategies planned for September, and more importantly Liberty's concept for long term growth and residual income. To make a long story short I opened 4 business centers and haven't looked back since. I knew a great opportunity when I saw one, I took advantage with multiple business centers of which 3 have shown profit. I want to thank Paul D. for introducing me to Liberty Management and Gary Charbonneau for being the great leader that he is.

Looking Forward to September..


Rudy Lombardi
Proud Member of Liberty

It has been just over a month since I joined Liberty Management and Coral Connection. I've enjoyed more success in the past 30 days with Liberty than I did in the 9 months with my last online business venture. This has to be the easiest Online Business on the Internet today! It's nice to work with a Company and a President like Gary Charbonneau that are interested in your views and opinions. Hats off to Gary and his Team! I'm looking forward to my next 30 days working with my group setting up some advertising and hopefully get a Co-op going. If you set your mind to your goals in life and keep a positive attitude you will most certainly attain the success you deserve. Cheers!
Richard Saumier
Proud Member of Liberty Management & Coral Connection

Gary, I just couldn't wait to tell you what a great program Liberty Profit is! After being associated with another company, I have to say that Liberty Profit lives up to all the advertising! Liberty Profit is a real company for real people! One that does what it says it is going to do when it says it is going to do it!!!! Gary, I am really looking forward to a long and profitable business relationship with Liberty Profit.
Lynn Freeman

Hi, my name is Paul Drummond. I've been with Liberty since day one. I find that it is much harder for the regular person to make any profit from MLM and have it last unless they really KNOW what they're doing.

If you were like myself when I started, someone who doesn't know what to do. Liberty removes all the risk involved with MLM. As we recently found out, Liberty was on top of the situation when problems arose from their first company of choice. They provided a smooth yet fast switch over to another company flawlessly. I had 3 business centers with Liberty when the switch over took place and all were in profit immediately. No rebuilding a downline!!

I'm very glad Rudy decided to join Liberty. He has superior support to offer with years of on line marketing skills. With Liberty and all the excellent leadership members that recently joined us, Liberty probably does not realize the power they now have behind them! With the additional advertising about to come this fall we're all going to be very pleased with the results I believe Liberty can and will produce in the coming months.

I've had many conversations by phone with Gary Charbonneau and he has very good business plans for Liberty and everyone involved.

Best Regards,


Anyone who understands what residual income is would like to have it. Many of us do not have the skills to write screenplays, books, music, or come up with a new invention. Network marketing is best way for the average person to create this type of income. However, today's networker still faces the hurdles of limited time, and lack of marketing skills and technical ability needed to build a successful on line MLM business. What I saw in Liberty was the solution to these challenges! With Liberty managing the marketing and support aspects of their business, anyone can successfully develop the residual income we all want.


I want to thank these people for their support and involvement with Liberty, they are a great asset to us all. We have found that many people have some great things to say with their short experience with Liberty in regards to our program, our customer service and the Coral products.

Having said this and listening to our clients, Liberty has decided to place a testimonial section on our website to come within the next 60 days.


If you would like to say a little something and be on our testimonial page please send it to us at

Please add your name, state or country and if at all possible if you could also send a picture we would greatly appreciate it. The more we receive the better so please don't be shy.

In our last update we mentioned increasing our advertising for August and especially in the fall. So I am telling you this now and as most of you know and for all our new clients you will soon find out. I always deliver what I promise. This October Liberty Management will begin its major magazine marketing by advertising in three of the five most well known mlm magazines available. We are now discussing which three we will choose and let you September 1st in the September Ledger.

It's not that we believe our business will explode in growth just because of the magazines, this is only a small part of our advertising. The important part is that our clients and potential clients can start seeing Liberty advertise in well known publications which shows just some of the advertising diversity Liberty has. Most of our advertising is done through the internet which people cant' see or refer others to look at. Many want to show others our advertisement as it brings creditability and of course growth. Even radio ads are only in certain parts of the country in which people even then have to go out of their way if they want to hear it. So we plan on continually advertising in well known areas so everyone can see Liberty at any given time.

As mentioned we have recently increased our internet marketing. We joined several companies such as,
nomorehits. com

and many others. We will continue adding more companies every month.

We also mentioned having a members area with various tools for those of you who do want to help in building your own downline and receive additional bonuses as well. As part of this area, we are also trying to give everyone their own personalized website with the option to simply click on one button and for a small fee have a full auto-responding service automatically working for you that requires virtually no effort at all.

In this Ledger we wanted to mention the auto-responding company we were choosing for Liberty but it is taking a little time to find out which one can set up the quick and easy system we want for our clients as well as for Liberty. We are now very close and this will be selected within the week and we will let you know in the August 15th update and hopefully have a date set for our tools page.

This section is extremely important because for those people who do want to help with their own business. They are not just helping themselves, they are helping all of Liberty. You can only hope you have some of these people in your upline or downline as they will increase your downline growth that much faster everytime they bring someone on to our program. And with every additional person these people introduce to Liberty, the more money is going to advertising increasing everyone's growth that much more.

So do you now see how important these people are to you and Liberty. Even with just a few out there building, the more it greatly benefits the entire group. So my goal is to ensure they have the best and easiest tools to work with to help them bring as many people on as possible. This way here they get lots of bonuses, faster downline growth and over all higher monthly income not to mention you all benefit as well.

You will receive the bi-weekly update on the 15th of August with more news and information and additional advertising for September.

There are three major components to Liberty's success.
1. Honesty and Integrity.
2. Exceptional customer support and assistance.

The most important of the three, you guess it, ADVERTISING!!!

Now that we are settling in with a good growth every month and ensured everything was running smoothly (the odd glitch here and there, with a couple more to come I'm sure). This fall is when the advertising really starts and continues to grow each month thereafter.

We will always keep you up to date with where we are advertising so you can see exactly where and what we're doing.

I would like to thank you all once again and also thank our entire staff for their dedication as they care just as much about every single client as I do.

Best wishes,

P.S. Many of you joined Liberty to make extra money to spend more time with your loved ones and until we get you there. Make sure they know just how special they really are as everyday is a treasure, just take the time to see how rich you really are.

Gary Charbonneau
Liberty Management

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