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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:40:25 -0500
From: Adam Clark <> [add to address book] [add to spam block list]
Subject: the Gold Vault is here! 12% daily profit! AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. MUST SEE.
To: <>

Visit Arnold's
Gold Vault

Good day, Adam Clark
The Gold Vault is here! This amazing investment venture, one of the best business opportunities I've ever seen, is here, and is giving you a 12% daily profit!

Arnold's Gold Vault is an offshore business opportunity you wouldn't want to miss! Atleast spend a few minutes to learn what it's all about..

My name is Adam Clark, and I'm about to introduce you to something that will change your life, for ever!

Are you tired of the 0% interest e-gold offers you for keeping your precious money with them? Seeking a promising brand new investment venture? Want to be one of the first participants in a rich, profitable, referral program? Then the Gold Vault is for you.

The concept behind the Gold Vault is very simple. You put (invest) money into the Vault, and earn a daily profit (interest) of 12% for as long as you wish. Notice that you receive 12% profit of your current balance in the Vault, not your initial investment! This means higher profits!

They also have one of the most profitable referral programs ever seen before! Bring new friends (referrals), and earn 5% of every amount they deposit (invest) into the vault, and 5% of every withdrawal they make! And that's not all. Your referral earnings (bonuses) are automatically added to your "Referral Bonuses Balance" in the vault, and can be withdrawned at any time, directly to an e-gold account of your choice - just like your investment's 12% daily interest! You can then invest your earnings, or some of them, in the Gold Vault, and enjoy the daily 12%! In order to bring new referrals and earn daily profits for keeping the money in the vault - they do not force you to deposit your own money into the vault, however it is recommended when possible, to earn much more profits.

No e-gold account? Never used e-gold? Don't worry! They'll guide you through the process of creating a new e-gold account, funding it (deposit money into it - Wire Bank transfer, PayPal, Money Order, Check, Direct Cash Deposit, and other methods. You choose your favorite method to fund your new/existing e-gold account.), and of course - becoming an investor in the Gold Vault.

e-gold payments are instant. This means that money you invest in the Gold Vault, will automatically appear in your Vault balance, and you'll be making money right away! Also, payouts (when you withdraw any amount from to Gold Vault) are paid automatically, without human touch, with no delays what so ever!

This is a once in a life-time opportunity, and it would be not wise to let this one succeed without you in it. Make your wife happy, pay your bills, leave your small apartment, feed your dog better, buy the car you always wanted. Just be happy and start living.

Ready? Visit Arnold's Gold Vault! and start making the income of your dreams, today!

Content and Graphics provided to Adam Clark with permission from Arnold's Gold Vault administration, LIC CODE: 101302.

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