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And put money in your pocket today just by logging on to the net! Don't wait any longer for weeks, months and years to go by wasting time like I did, ..... making little in return for your efforts! You could get paid today! I Have put together a package so valuable people are begging me to take their money. I simply process orders a few hours a day! And due to my great success, I want to show you how to do it. Be sure to read this ENTIRE page...and hold on for an UNBEATABLE DEAL! A deal SOOOO good, you won't be able to pass this one up!


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There is absolutely no catch or crazy gimmick involved here! This program has absolutely nothing to do with any ridiculous envelope stuffing program, illegal chain letter schemes or a Multi-Level Mad House! There is, simply, no easier or simpler way to earn over 140 Dollars per day ..... and more! There can't be!! ----- It's impossible!!

I have tried every money making plan under the sun. After three years of constant attempts at striking it rich, I had done nothing but strike out.

I tried Multi Level Marketing ..... I failed!
I tried Chain Letters ....... They failed me!
I tried Envelope Stuffing ...... What a joke!
I tried nine [9] other business ventures, all without success!

I was a fool. I didn't make very much money and I can honestly admit that now. I was not the greatest example of a successful business person. I really needed an honest way of making money .......... a way that could not fail!

I worked hard about 50 hours a week driving a truck. Many of my customers were very wealthy. One of which was a thirtyish guy who drove around in a Porsche Turbo. After dropping off a delivery to his home one day he gave me the usual 20.00 tip and I asked him how he made a living. He started laughing so hard. I'll never forget what he said, " Get a clue friend. You call all this, waving his arm around, making a living? Did the fumes from your truck exhaust go to your head or something? Someday when you're serious about making money -- real money -- call me and I will take you to school." I told him that I was ready now and he said, "I don't have time today, but think about this. Why drive a truck? People all over the city don't care who delivers their goods. Give people something that they want. I mean want badly, and be the only one with it. Think about that and come by the house tomorrow morning." As he drove away, he stopped, smiled and said, " Wake up pal, valuable information sells." I was struck dumb. What did he mean? What was he talking about?

The next morning he gave me the information that would change my life! In thirty minutes he showed me a little known method that anyone can use to start making hundreds of dollars per day. At first I was skeptical. Who wouldn't be? His proven method was like nothing I had ever seen or heard of before.


All you have to do is e-mail ten [10] or twenty [20] of my special sales letters each day. I have tucked away a special site where you will find all the tools you need to succeed. There you will find complete letters, ads, special advertising links, along with a free trial download of 2 popular e-mail software program, and there is much more! My special sales letter pulls up to 70% orders! You heard that right! Ten [10] letters emailed equals seven [7] orders for you!
Almost every sales letter you mail will bring back 20.00 dollars or whatever you decide to charge! Other direct mailings get only a 2% to 3% sales response. We get up to 70%! That's correct! My special sales letter is a powerful money magnet! It's success has been fantastic, but a test of your own will show that you will receive seven [7] customers for every ten [10] letters that you email! And if you are not completely satisfied, simply return the start-up kit within thirty [30] days of receiving it for a prompt refund. Fantastic, but true. Now you can make a fortune all year round, every year.

The success of this powerful program will blow your mind when you start receiving checks and money orders in the mail. If you e-mail fifty [50] letters per week for a month ..... that's two hundred [200] sales letters ...... you will receive about one hundred forty [140] responses and a steady flow of inquiries about your program. This corresponds to about 3,200 dollars per month if you only send out fifty [50] letters each week!

So if you would like the security of knowing how to earn an honest living from the comfort of your home, please take that first step. Place your order today. I am waiting here to help you every step of the way.


And that's exactly what I am going to do. Normally this valuable information sells for 2O bucks, not a bad deal considering you are getting a time proven package that is easy to reproduce, creates on going cash flow, and is truly a quality product. I could, and have charged that for years, however I am in a giving mood and for a limited time, I will also include the FREE BONUSES described below, but only if you order Today!!! Stop the presses, I WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW FOR THE SAME 20.00 DOLLARS(US)
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List Manager-Sort, sift, organize all your mailing lists. Remove duplicates, split large lists, save to a text file. Handles all your needs and integrates easily with email software, simple as copy and paste!

TypeItIn32.bit-Makes Filling In Forms A Breeze

MLMNet-Become MLM Superman!

Consumer Reports-Resale Any Of These Reports For Additional Profit 14.95

DELUXE Consumer Reports-Better than above with more reports! 19.95

InfoMail-Create/Publish/Profit From Your Own Infoproduct! 14.95

CashFlow How-To Reporter-19.95

Creating Powerful Classified Ads-Gives You All The Ins and Outs 19.95

Send Your Offer to Over 1.5 MILLION email boxes daily-SPAM FREE-I have and will share with you complete instructions to get your ad in over 1.5 MILLION email boxes daily-SPAM FREE. You will get a complete list of opt-in subscribe and post addresses. There are so many, it will make your head spin... We will even include instructions to make sure you don't receive 1 email in your primary account, unless of course you want to. Others are selling this same information for 39.95 and more. It's included with our package. But we'll also give you some invaluable tips to get you past all the filters!


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Additionally, you will have access to a wealth of marketing information to help you grow your internet business. You'll discover things like...

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WEB TOOLS Now available in Version 2.0 Traffic Virus 2.0 has something that Traffic Virus 1.0 didn't have...a suite of useful web tools to turbocharge and automate your entire online business. In Traffic Virus 2.0 you will have access to...

-A 100% free affiliate tracking program to launch your own affiliate program.Totally FREE affiliate tracking service that is full featured, fully functional and easy to use. It is web based and there is no download required.
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A totally, 100% free affiliate tracking system that will enable you to get your affiliate program up and running immediately at no cost. Multi-Payment Options: Pay-per-Click, Pay-per-Lead and Pay-per-Sale options are all available.


-Ad-free autoresponders to automate your advertising and skyrocket your follow-up sales.
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Others are charging 19.95 US a month for similar services, this one is totally free to use! It does it all.

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3 incredible webmaster tools to give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

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Step-by-step webpage builder tutorials that walk you through every step of creating killer websites.
-How Frames Are Used For Web Site Layout
-Internal And External Links
-Basic HTML Tags Usage
-Creating HTML Web

Introduction To The HTML Tutorial Series
-A Brief Overview Of HTML Tags
-Giving A Title To Your Web Page
-Saving Your Document As A Web Page
-Adding Text To Your Web Page
-Separating Your Sentences With Line Breaks
-Placing Headings On Your Web Page
-Grouping Text Into Paragraphs
-Creating A Bulleted List
-Adding Sub-Lists Underneath List Items
-Setting The Alignment Of Text
-Adding A Horizontal Rule
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Free web promotion software to promote any web business.

Whether you use this software to submit your URL to 800 search engines and directories or start your own submission service as a back-end product, this submission wizard software is for you.


A 100% free online marketing toolbox full of goodies for the web marketer.
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You could go on your way, continue to do the things that are a waste of time and put little if any money in your pocket, OR you could purchase this incredible package FOR JUST 20.00 US TODAY and start making money right away. I have everything here for your success, well over two hundred dollars in valuable, hard to find software, complete sales letters and instructions. Even if you decide not to resale this package, you will continue to benefit from the incredible marketing software we provide. You have nothing to lose, and a complete business package to gain. Your Complete Satisfaction is backed by a {30} day money back guarantee. And I am here to help you every step of the way! Order Right Now!


You could go on your way, continue to do the things that are a waste of time and put little if any money in your pocket, OR you could purchase this incredible package FOR JUST 20.00 US TODAY and start making money right away. I have everything here for your success, well over two hundred dollars in valuable, hard to find software, complete sales letters and instructions. Even if you decide not to resale this package, you will continue to benefit from the incredible marketing software we provide. You have nothing to lose, and a complete business package to gain. Your Complete Satisfaction is backed by a {30} day money back guarantee. And I am here to help you every step of the way! Order Right Now!


Simply click on my PayPal link below. If you are new to PayPal, they will even give you 5 bucks for using their fantastic service. As soon as I receive your payment, I will rush you your complete instructions to access my members only site. {within 24 hours} You will have complete access for 60 days, plenty of time to download everything so you can start making money right away. It's that easy to get started making money today! To join Paypal, scroll down to where it says to join. PayPal is a great service to send and receive payments online. You can use a credit card, e-check, or checking account to send and receive payments. I would recommend to join the upgraded membership so that you will earn on people you enroll. If you have any problems using PayPal, please send us an email or use our other ordering methods below!

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