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St. John's Lutheran Church - Ancram, New York

The Rev. John Christopher Hartwick, founder of Hartwick Seminary, had the first recorded missionary work in Ancram from 1746-1758. It was not until 1846 when Rev. William B. Askam came to Ancram and preached a few sermons that there were families willing to give money to erect a church. In the summer of 1847 the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ancram was organized and erected on two acres of land at the cost of $2,400. Many of the members were farm families or from the paper factory. The parsonage was built in 1853 and the church hall was built in 1910. There have been many memorials made to the church, most noticable are the stained glass windows. The present buildings are the orignals mentioned above.

Pictures of Church

Historical Pictures