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Welcome to my homepage that is dedicated to the memory of

Lou ~The Legend~ Lazzaro

~ Index ~
Page 1 ~ My Own Memories and Good Times that I shared with Louie
Page 2 ~ Lou's Racing Career
Page 3 ~ Lou's Friends & Fans
Page 4 ~ The Fonda Speedway Memorial

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Me with Louie in the upper right hand corner.
Giving Louie a Victory congratulations at Fonda after a win in 1977. We both were much younger then.
Louie, me and Mimi in 1984 after he recovered from his first illness.
This is my all time favorite photo of Louie. The bandaid is the special touch!
Me and Louie.
Jeremy with Louie at the Rotterdam Mall Car Show ~March 20, 1993
My oldest son Jeremy sitting in Louie's car.
Me and Louie after my fall on the track.
Me giving Louie a plaque I made for him. My sister Nancy in the picture with us, was the president of Louie's fan club at that time.
Louie's autograph to me. He always called me Peanuts.
Picture of Louie's car that he autographed for me.
Me with Louie at his induction into thre D.I.R.T. Hall of Fame on April 4, 1993.
Another picture of us at the D.I.R.T. Hall of Fame.
The plaque that was given to Louie at his induction.
Larry Nuber interviewing Louie at his induction into thre D.I.R.T. Hall of Fame on April 4, 1993.
Me with Lou out in front of his garage in Utica. This is one of the last pictures that I had taken with him.

As of May 1, 2000 the Legend is but a memory in our minds and hearts. Through the many years that Louie and I have known each other we have made memories that will be cherished forever! He lived for what he loves most "Racing". He will always be my Hero and no one can ever begin to fill his shoes or take the pole position from him in my heart!!

~ Love You Louie ~ Jann Ivancic-McGaffin "Peanuts"

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