You Know NOTHING of Javert!

Yes, now that I look back, the title's a little pretentious, but I didn't mean it to sound that way. Soooo... you want to join the You Know NOTHING of Javert! webring. Here are the requirements:

    You must have a webpage
    It must include Les Miserables or Javert

Phew! Think your page can measure up? I think so too. Just go ahead and submit your site and you'll be added to the queue. Yippee! Once you've submitted your page, an e-mail will be sent to you with the HTML fragment. Below is an example of what the fragment should look like once it's posted on your page:

No, 24601
You Know NOTHING of Javert!
site is owned by: Mara Jade.
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P.S- Got a favorite Javert that isn't Philip Quast or Terrence Mann? If you have a picture of him, send it to me, and I'll make a graphic for your customized webring fragment. Even if you don't have a pic, give me his name and I'll search for a pic (I have connections ;)

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