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Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters....

Dear King Vitaman,
First off, I would like to commend you on your delightful cereal. My question for you is, where can I obtain a crown of spoons like the one that adorns your pretty little head? I would love one for myself. Thanks King!

Dear Walter,
Thanks for writing in. I got my crown of spoons when I became ruler of the Cereal Kingdom. However, when I was just a young lad with dreams of becoming the King, I made my own crown at home, and you can too. You can make yourself a crown like mine with spoons you find around your house, a paper crown from Burger King, and some hot glue. Be sure to ask your mom before using those spoons though! A lesson I learned all too well. Keep eating my cereal.
Love, King Vitaman

Dear King Vitaman,
I have a friend who is thinking about getting a King Vitaman tattoo. My question is, where on her body should she get it?

Dear LeAnn,
First of all, I must congratulate your friend on her mighty good taste to want a tattoo of my royal mug to adorn her delightful body. Of course, the only logical place for a King Vitaman tattoo is on the lower portion of the back, or perhaps on the left thigh. Either way, keep eating my cereal, and please e-mail me a picture of the tattoo for my private collection.
Love, King Vitaman

good day your majesty!
do you get mad wench's? i ask this only because you are the man, and i would imagine you get a medevil piece very ofton. you are truly the best monarch of all time, at least in the cereal aisle. could you tell me some of your powerful leadership secrets.
i have to go be the great #@%$ing peasent that i am,

Dear Beezo,
Thank you for writing. To answer your question, you bet your sweet bippy I do. The King has been known to indulge in the sweet maidens of the Cereal Kingdom on a fairly regular basis (there are advantages to being the King)! You too can be a hit with the ladies, if you just keep eating my cereal.
Love, King Vitaman

The King wants to hear from YOU. Send him your questions, comments, and other thoughts at The King will answer some letters right here on this website, so check back soon.

Russ Dimino 2001