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What did he cook?


I've been enjoying teaching lately for some strange reason. Maybe it's because I know I'm leaving soon and I'm therefore having more fun. The students haven't been as bad as usual lately...or maybe I've gotten used to teaching them. Anyway, I was teaching the third year students and some more interesting English came out of one of the students.

The teacher and I usually do two dialogues at the beginning of the class to have the students warm up. After each dialogue we ask questions. On this day one of the dialogues was about cooking. My character (Bob) asked the teachers character (Matt), "When did you learn to cook?" His response was, "When I was a child"

One of our questions for this dialogue was, "When did Matt learn to cook?" When we asked one of the students to answer, he said "He cooked a child." The teacher and I started laughing, and most of the students understood what he said and laughed too. The student who answered the question had an idea as to what his mistake was and laughed at it. I think he might have done on purpose just to joke around. Just another day at Tsuna Junior High School, where the students are always crazy... and the English always funny.