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Sometime in August...

Soul What!?

I just got back from Kobe last night. I had been there since Saturday morning and I had originally planned to come back Saturday afternoon or night. However, my plans changed. There were a group of JETs going to an Indian restaurant and I really wanted to go. I love Indian food and I just wanted to hang out with people, so I went. The get-together at the restaurant lasted from about 6pm – 9:15pm. We went to a bar called The Hub afterwards. I met a guy named Jason there. He’s a 2nd year JET and he’s Trinidadian. He’s from Toronto and he had a friend with him named Testuya. They’re both into hip-hop music and dancing. The told me they were going to a club named Soul Factory after they left The Hub. I was happy to go. I just wanted to have fun.

The same girl I went to Osaka with, Yen, was there as well. She had a couple of friends with her and they decided to go with us to this club. So we went to Soul Factory (which was really named Soul Fucktry…don’t believe me, look at the pic). There were eight of us who went there. Maeve (from Chicago) and another girl named Abby went with us.

So we all went to the club and had a hell of a time. The music was cool. There was a mix of old school R&B and hip-hop. Some of the DJ’s weren’t that good, but the later it got the better the DJ’s got. The atmosphere was cool, the people were pretty nice and I had a genuinely good time. The other JETs I was with were cool to hang out with. Maeve was especially cool because even though she’s originally from Chicago, she went to college at Hofstra (in Long Island) and has a lot of NYC spirit. I liked that. The people here love to party and I’ve never partied this much in my life so it’s a completely different experience for me. I can’t believe that I am officially a club-hopper/night-owl now.

I spent the night at Yen’s apartment along three other people. There were five of us crammed into a five tatami mat room. Interesting sleeping arrangement. I was pretty uncomfortable and I had the fan blowing on me all night, which made me a little sick, but I was happy that I had a place to sleep instead of having to stay up all night like I did in Osaka.