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My name is Sukoshi Dake


Of all the things about my experience in Japan, there is one thing that is completely frustrating and exciting...the language barrier. I know I don't have it that bad because I took Japanese for nearly five years and after living here for a couple of months, I can at least understand people a lot more now. However, my speaking skills, reading skills, and writing skills are not progressing that quickly. I know this will take time to improve.

The funniest thing about the language barrier is when I introduce myself to people. When I first introduce myself to a Japanese person I say my name, where I'm from, and "sukoshi dake". "Sukoshi dake" means "only a little bit", and it is something I say whenever I am asked if I speak Japanese. I figure that I should just change my name to "Sukoshi Dake". It would amuse me to say "My name is only a little bit". I can only imagine the confused looks on their faces.