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Links Galore!

So I know you're asking yourselves, "What are Jamal's interests?". Well even if you're not, I'm going to tell and show you anyway. Here are a bunch of links to website and cool stuff that I like. Pick and choose. You never may like it too.

Japan Guide This site has all sorts of info on Japan. It definitely helped me before I moved here. You can also put your name up to be penpals with other people around the world with an interest in Japan.

Kansai International Relations This is a nice site for those living in the Kansai region. It has lists of cultural festivals, places to go, etc. within the different Prefectures of the Kansai region.

Classic Video Games Remember Centipede and all the classic 80's video games? Well, they are all right here. You can play them on the web. Check it out, I think it's cool

Investing? This is a site that's affiliated with Etrade. It's a good site for all you investors out there. Has technical analysis, fundamentals, and other info to keep up to date with your stocks.

Search Engine The best search engine on the web! (for me at least)

My Life in Nihon This is my friend Al's websites. There are some really awesome pictures of different places in Japan, some really funny comic strips, and thoughts on many of the environmental issues that plague Japan today.