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From Left to Right- Kim, Vanesa, me, Yen, and Chris

This is just a collage of pictures of friends I have made and different places and events we've been to together.

My Japanese Father - This is a picture of Mr. Nishioka and I. He has truly taken care of me ever since I arrived in Tsuna. I am truly thankful for the things he does for me. This picture is at a Shinto shrine dedicated to one of the two gods who created Japan.

Halloween - I went to my friend Agnes' adult English class and helped carve Jack-o-Lanterns. This is a picture of me and my partners in design, Yoshiki, and Akko.

Autumn Child- Vanesa playing in the leaves at Himeji Castle.

The Elephant- This is in front of a Thai restaurant called "The Elephant" where the waiters scream their welcome and thank you greeting! "Irashaimase!!!" In the picture, from left to right, Horace, Sara, and Jason.

Sara and Mel- Sara and Mel looking cute.

Mel and I- Mel and I chillin' outside in Kobe

Dinner at Nishioka's- My girlfriend (Sudarika) and I went to Mr. Nishioka's house and cooked some Sri Lankan food for his family.

New Year's- This is Mr. Nishioka's family, Sudarika, and I after having a the traditional Japanese new year's meal. Sudarika and I had a wonderful time, and it felt like we were part of the family.

New Year's 2- This is the shrine that Mr. Nishioka took Sudarika and I to on New Year's day so that we could pray for a good year ahead of us.

Superbird- Here goes Sudarika congregating with the birds.

Sunset- This is a beautiful sunset

A great friend- This is my buddy Nobu who has been a great friend since my first day on Awaji island.

Nobu and Masako- This is Nobu and his girlfriend Masako. I think the make a cute couple!

SistersThese are my big sisters Agnes and Aki. They were very kind to me and I always had a great time with them. Thanks for all the fun guys!!

Wild Night at Karaoke!- This is one of the aspects of Japanese culture I will miss the most...karaoke nights! My friends and I always knew how to have a good time at karaoke...notice the dancing involved.

The Island Party- This is the "Sayonara" Party my friends Sara and Melany had for those of us who left the JET Programme this year. Sara and Mel are Samoan and they showed us a little Samoan culture by decorating the house, wearing Samoan gear, cooking some really good food, and even performing a dance for was an awesome time!!