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Land of mystery, land of wonder, land of...dirty old men?


The other day I was nearly molested by a dirty old man...and this is how the story goes: After school, I sometimes go to a ramen noodle shop called "The Ramen" (simple name right?). They have good food and it's not too expensive so I treat myself to it about once a week. The woman who works there is really sweet and eventhough my Japanese is not that good, she is patient with me when I speak to her.

On this particular day, I went to the shop and the woman wasn't there(Bad omen?). There was a young man there instead. He was nice and took my order. While the man was cooking my food, another man, maybe in his early sixties, walked into the shop and sat down one seat away from me at the counter. I was a little weary of this man because another time I had gone to the same shop, there was an old man, who might have been a little drunk, that was acting strange. I didn't know what to expect from this new man sitting near me.

After a little while, the old man started speaking and right away I knew this was going to be an interesting situation. I couldn't really understand what he was saying, but it seemed like he was a character. He ordered a beer and began talking to me. I told him I was teaching at Tsuna Junior High School but he seemed to ignore that because he keep saying something about me being a University student. He then starts saying things about how young I am, but then, all of a sudden, he turns to the topic of sex. Oh boy! With lighting speed he switched topics and started doing a bunch of freaky gestures that I couldn't believe! He asked me if I had a girlfriend, so I said yes. Then he does the Japanese gesture for boy (thumbs up) and girl (pinky up) and then sticks up his middle finger. I was cracking up! I couldn't believe this man!

The man behind the counter tried to intervene a little bit, but the old man was on a roll so he kept going. He then made a circle with his index finger and thumb and starts ramming his fingers on his other hand in them. This guy was nuts! He then proceeded to say something about getting my girlfriend pregnant (more gestures) and then gets on the topic of how big I must be. YIKES! Throughout all of this he was tapping my shoulder every once in a while to keep my attention. Then the climax of the situation came...he gestured to his privates, saying that I'm probably really big, and then started touching my thigh. I nearly jumped out of my seat! I just came to eat some food and this man feels the need to fondle me...that's not right. But like a guardian angel, the woman who usually works there walked in at that exact moment. She drew the mans attention away from me somehow so I could eat my meal in peace.

A laughable experience to say the least! I knew I would be somewhat of a spectacle here but this man took it to another level!