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For the #1 Sexiest Guy in the World, Daniel Z

My dear Wonderful Daniel, this is a never-ending list of things that I love about you soooo much.
  1. Your eyes
  2. Your smile
  3. Your voice
  4. The feeling of your arms around me
  5. Your hands
  6. The way you kiss
  7. Your sweetness
  8. That you love me
  9. How it's almost impossible to be sad around you
  10. Your awesome sense of humor
  11. How I don't mind when you make fun of me
  12. The way you talk
  13. The way you touch me
  14. Your temper
  15. You're old fashioned
  16. How you open the door for me
  17. How you've given me a chance
  18. You tolerate my dumbness
  19. The way you laugh
  20. The way you move your hands when you talk
  21. How you manage to get in almost every dream of mine
  22. The way you look when your eyes are closed in bed
  23. How you let me kiss you all over your face even though it's probably really annoying
  24. I can trust you
  25. Your eye lashes
  26. Your eye brows
  27. Your lips
  28. Your hair
  29. Your shoulders
  30. Your sideburns
  31. Your cuteness
  32. Your sarcasm
  33. How I want to make you happy sooo much
  34. The way you're still sweet when you're mean
  35. The way you walk
  36. How it feels to hug you
  37. How it feels when you simply touch me
  38. The feeling I get when I look at you
  39. The feeling I get when you look at me
  40. How you always win
  41. How you nicely help me
  42. How you're good with computers
  43. That you stay online just to talk to me
  44. Your honesty
  45. How you're careful about trusting people
  46. The things you do for fun
  47. How you feel bad if I'm sad
  48. How I'll love you no matter what you ever do
  49. Hearing your opinions and thoughts on stuff
  50. You say the raddest things
  51. The way I can easily think about only you for hours
  52. I feel safe with you
  53. You do everything better than anyone else to me
  54. How you're the only one I can tell everything to
  55. How you're the only one who can make me the happiest
  56. Your cologne
  57. The feeling of your face when I touch it
  58. The sound of you breathing when I wake up with you next to me
  59. That you're uncomfortable with public affection stuff....sometimes hehe
  60. How I get really pleasant chills with a wave of warmth when I think about you
  61. Your stubborness
  62. You listen to me
  63. You're so good at doing sweet things
  64. How it feels when you hug me in your bed
  65. Hearing you sing
  66. How I could easily just look at only you forever
  67. The smell of your hair
  68. When you play with my hair
  69. How you can be sooo strong then super gentle
  70. The way you give me a massage
  71. How just seeing you smile makes me feel better
  72. That you always want to know what's wrong if I look even barely sad
  73. That you decided to spend 3/11 with me instead of with your friends
  74. You write suuuuuper way awesome songs
  75. You're really beyond comfortable to lay on
  76. How every single time we kiss I get tingly feelings all over
  77. The super awesome complements you've given me
  78. You're simply amazing
  79. How nothing ever seems so bad because I've got you
  80. That I can't even explain how totally much I love you, it's like every single little tiny particle of me just like glows and stuff with love for you and that still doesn't explain it well enough (dorky, huh!)
  81. You've given me way fantastic gifts
  82. How you act with your friends
  83. How you're nicely preparing me for when you do some other girl by joking about it constantly hehe
  84. Your waaay cute facial expressions
  85. How you're still beyond cool even though your child molestors broke
  86. You're my heaven
  87. How you know me more than anyone else does
  88. How cute you look in glasses
  89. How you're smarter than me
  90. You're soooo much fun to be with
  91. How like everything you do makes me want to hug or kiss you or do something else just as annoying to you
  92. You're the funnest person to see movies with
  93. You totally make me feel awesome
  94. How I always sleep better when you're next to me
  95. How you came aaall the way to Hamburg to visit me
  96. You're sooo amazing in bed
  97. How great it feels when you kiss me instead of me kissing you
  98. You're more enjoyable to talk to than anyone else
  99. You comfort me more than anyone else possibly can
  100. Your arms
  101. Your chest
  102. Your hot tummy
  103. Basically how you look with just pants and boxers on and no shirt(niiice haha)
  104. How you're totally priceless
  105. How you so freely call me dumb hehe
  106. That anything you say is more important to me than anything else someone says
  107. When you keep on looking at me even though it seems like it bothers me (I'm just not used to it)
  108. How you are seriously the coolest person to me
  109. When you wait until my stupid bus leaves until you go
  110. How you're totally talented with your awesome hands
  111. How you deal so well with my dumbness
  112. That you're the only person who really really matters to me
  113. How you make all those awesome annoying noises
  114. When you put your hand on my neck to kiss me
  115. That you worried when I had to leave and go home by myself (even though you didn't need to hehe)
  116. How you don't have a negative opinion about something weird and unusual that I'm interested in (thank you hehe)
  117. That you said erin is ugly and annoying hehe
  118. How well you show that you love me when I need it most
  119. That you took care of me when I retardedly freaked out and got sick
  120. You totally know how to make me feel better
  121. That now that I'm living in Edinboro I have seriously never been happier
  122. How you send me emails from school
  123. That you simply call me often
  124. When you tickle me
  125. How soft your ears are
  126. When you threaten to punch me
  127. That you're the awesome singer of a band
  128. When you ask if I want you to come over
  129. That the smell you get after work doesn't effect how much I want you in the least bit
  130. You are the perfect man for me
  131. How amazing it feels when you do anything even slightly sweet
  132. That you don't like dances
  133. How any day I see you becomes a great day
  134. How you don't fuck around or bullshit hehe
  135. That you're not afraid to point out my faults
  136. That you say I don't need to change how I look for you
  137. How perfect it feels when you hold my hand
  138. How awesome you are at keeping me safe
  139. That you still act like you want me sometimes
  140. How you're good at reasurring me that I'll be more important than your other girlfriends when you get more
  141. The way you say I have a long neck :)
  142. How thinking about you always makes me happier if I'm sad
  143. When you rub the sides of my waist trying to tickle me
  144. When you help me carry things
  145. When you order me to get you something to eat or drink :)
  146. That when I'm in Hamburg and far away from you it feels like half of my brain and heart and that stuff is missing
  147. When you smack my big butt :)
  148. When you pull the blankets over my shoulders in the middle of the night
  149. That you told Janie that I am your little angel hehe
  150. When you try to make sure I get to your house and my house alright when I'm driving
  151. How deeply you feel about people really listening
  152. How very talented you are with music
  153. How much you have helped me even though it wasn't deserved
  154. How superior you are to me
  155. How fun you are in the shower ;)
  156. How you're such a great best friend
  157. That you were soooooo nice on my birthday
  158. When you tilt my chin up to kiss me
  159. That you gave me your only CD of the songs you made
  160. Everytime you hold me from behind
  161. How you gave me a massage without being asked at the Incubus concert
  162. That you sat with me in the back on the way home from the concert
  163. That you've greatly made it impossible for me to ever not love you :)
  164. I miss you so much
  165. That you've made these past few years my best ones yet!
  166. That you actually let me go to the Summer Hookah festival with you
  167. That I got to be around you when I was the happiest I've ever been in my life
  168. When you put your arm around me when we're walking
  169. How you always give me a nice hug before I have to go back home
  170. That ears are fun to play with with you ;)
  171. That you're the most greatest person to be a friend of
  172. That you're a person to be very respected
  173. God, how nice your kisses are hehe
  174. How great your bed smells (it smells just like you..haha)
  175. That you know how to make the perfect bed
  176. That your kitty loves you :)
  177. That you thoughtfully sprayed your cologne on my christmas present from you
  178. How fun you are to joke around with
  179. How I'm always learning things from you
  180. That I respect what you say more than what anyone else says...because you are so great hehe
  181. How you make me value life so much when you don't really even mean to
  182. When you trip me with your leg almost everytime I leave the couch
  183. That you are sorry for tricking me in the beginning..even though you don't have to be since it never stopped me from loving you
  184. How we seem to end up making a game of throwing something at each other for like a whole hour
  185. That you are such a weird goofy person
  186. How you're so good at making fun of things that are on T.V.
  187. How you help me know that we will always be in each other's lives
  188. When you help me feel better when I'm upset
  189. How we can spend an entire night talking about a million different kinds of things
  190. How stunningly creative you are at your rad doodles from work at West
  191. That you have been very awesomely putting an effort into seeing me a lot this summer
  192. The way you hold your cigarette
  193. How your breath never stinks
  194. The irresistable sight of your pants hanging temptingly half-way off your hot ass giving a nice view of your boxers when you bend over
  195. How fun your hair is to play with
  196. How you try to protect and hold me tight from buttholes at concerts
  197. That you do many things for me that you don't want to's really appreciated
  198. How we can talk about random things just like best friends
  199. That you've taught me so much about cannabis
  200. You've opened my eyes and helped me escape the common ignorant society
  201. You are SO wise and strong minded
  202. The pure comfort you give me when you're sleeping next to me
  203. It's just too wonderful living with you; better than i ever even imagined
  204. How you make sure to spend time with me even though there's a new girl in the picture
  205. How interested you are in the dorky little plants and flowers I have
  206. That you said you think we'll be best friends/together forever
  207. I know you're my soul mate (don't be scared haha)
  208. You still do things to make me feel special after five years
  209. How you say sorry
  210. The way you take my hand at night
  211. How hardly anything is as soothing as resting my head on your chest
  212. When you take out the garbage :)

~~~~~~I LOVE YOU DAN!~~~~~~

I hope we stay close forever, Ultimate Cutie

(Lame Little Courtney)


(Perfect and Awesome Daniel)

Dan, please never ever forget that you are the most important thing in my life and I am so beyond forever grateful for everything you have done for me and everything you have had to put up with. I'll truly never be thankful enough for how you've been able to be forgiving with the completely stupid things I have done. I cherish and love you infinitely more than this list could ever prove.