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Little Thing Called Love [3:06]
Computer Age [5:28]
We R In Control [3:28]
Transformer Man [3:22]
Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher) [4:08]
Hold On To Your Love [3:25]
Sample And Hold [5:09]   [CD - 8:04]
Mr. Soul [3:16]
Like An Inca [8:08]   [CD - 9:45]

Trans was released in December 1982 & is one of Neil's two favourite albums (Everybody's Rockin' being the other). Musicians on this album were:

Neil Young: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Nils Lofgren: Guitars, keyboards, vocals
Ben Keith: Guitars, vocals
Bruce Palmer: Bass
Ralph Molina: Drums, vocals
Joe Lala: Percussion
Frank Sampedro: Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Billy Talbot: Bass, vocals

"Like An Inca", "Hold On To Your Love", & "Little Thing Called Love" were from the very first album that Neil turned in for release by Geffen Records, entitled Island In The Sun, which they rejected. Most of Trans (except for the Island In The Sun tracks) features Neil & Nils singing through a Vocoder, which makes the voice sound like a "computer voice".

This album, in a way, is like an all-star collection of people that Neil has played with over the years. Besides the members of Crazy Horse, Ben Keith has played on several of Neil's albums, the first of which was Harvest. Nils Lofgren first played with Neil at the young age of 18 on After The Gold Rush and later on Tonight's The Night. Lofgren later became the guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, replacing Steve Van Zandt. Joe Lala played percussion with CSNY on their 1974 tour and later in the Stills/Young Band. Last, but not least, Bruce Palmer was the bassist from Buffalo Springfield. There is a different version of "Like An Inca" and "Sample And Hold" on the CD version of Trans. "Like An Inca" is actually 9:45 minutes long, instead of 8:08 as listed on the CD. "Sample And Hold" is actually 8:04 minutes long, instead of 5:09 as listed on the CD. This same version of "Sample And Hold" also appears on Lucky Thirteen.

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