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Welcome to Elana Greene's Home Page
Fall Term 99" Tech Prep
What's up everone!  How are you?  For me I am begining my Senior year at Murry Bergtraum.  Class of 2000 baby.  Who would have ever thought that my years in highschool would zoom by so fast, thank g-d.  Now I can finally get ready for that car that I always said I wanted since I turned thirteen years of age.
Table of Contents
Project I:  College Search
1.  My College Essay
2.  What is it like to do college search in the Internet?
3.  My Recommendation of the best two colleges.
Project II:
" The Allegory of the Cave"
by Plato
Project III:  Oedipus
Project VI:Antigone
Project V:The Jungle
Project VI:  Writing about My Neighborhood
Part I:  Descriptive, Creative, and Reflexive Pieces
 Part II:  Work Ethics, Interview,, Creative Pieces
Project VII:  Macbeth:  Act I
Act II, Act III, Act IV, Act V
Project VIII:  Career Portfolio