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Hello to everyone who's going to read about me.My name is Jeff Keeler,and I have alot of things to tell you about myself.

My physical features

My name is jeff keeler and I am about 5foot three(short).I have brown hair and brown eyes.I dont weight that much only about 110 pounds, because I am skinny.My whole side of my family has brown hair and brown eyes.But since then I have changed my hair color to blonde,but only on the top. I did this because my friends all dared me to.When the color changed they thought is was cool so they did it to.I proble will not do it again.

Where I go to school

I go to school at jamestown high school.I have always gone to schools in jamestown.From bush school,to jefferson,to the high school.I have never failed,and I hardly miss any school.I have only hade to go to ISS twice since I have been going to school.I am now in twelth grade,and I plan on staying in school to graduate.When I'M done graduating I am going to go to jcc for a few years to pick up on phsycology.

My Favorite Thing To Do

My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my friends, and chill out play cards and go play basketball.I hang out with my friends more than I do anything else,because its fun,and there fun to hang out with.When we play basketball we always play 21, just to see who is better,its always a competition between us to see who is better.When we hang out we always go up town were thier is alot of kids.My friend david has a car so we go to panama alot to see are girls.I always go to the gorge in panama and have alot of fun.


The hobbies I get into is collecting football card,basketball,and baseball.I've been collecting cards since I was eight yeras old.I buy around three packes of cards every week,and i mean every week ever since I was eight.By now I have to have at least a few hundred thousand cards.After all the studying about all these cards I have learned the most about football.My favorite football team is the snfransisco 49ers.Through football there are many diffrent feelings about the game.You can feal happy or excited.To frustated,to even getting hert,as shown in the pictures.


My favorite clothes are baggy clothes,because they are loose,and relaxing.I dont like them tight clothes because then you have no room to brethe,and it is hard to move around in them.I really like short and long shirts because they dont bather me as much as tight pants do.The colors of shirts vary.I dont like wearing purple shirts, or pink,orevn green,I just basically stay with the blues,yellows,greys,and,white.Not to many people where purple or pink anyway.


Is your favorite color blue,well if it is so is mine.I like blue because alot of things are blue, and its not a dark or dull color.Two of the most important things that bring color into this world are blue those things are water, and the sky.I got this idea from the picture in front of where your sitting if your even reading this part.


I live at 492 Deleware.ave in jamestown.Up where I live it is peacefull and quite.I have my own room,and in my room there is two beds, two night stands, two dresers,a t.v. and a nintendo 64.When I have to go to the bathroom or take a shower, I go in my own bathroom. All these things are just mine, because my dad paid for an extenstion to be built on which is my whole bedroom.


I have always liked monkeys,monkeys are wounderful.The monkey I like the most is the vervet monkeys.Vervet monkeys are cute cudley, and mostly black.I like monkeys manily because their active and the way they move about through the trees like tarzan.If I wanted a pet I would want a monkey,not a dog ,or a cat like everyone has,but a fun thing to have so you can play,and laugh.

Shoe Size

You would probly never guess my shoe size since I am short,you would probly think about a six, or a seven.If you did your wrong,my shoe size is a nine,I think I have big feet for my size.


When I get hungry I can always go for pizza.Pizza would have to be my favorite food like most other people.The reason I like pizza is because it has alot of sauce and the cheese.Hummy,Hummy,Hummy.


The cars I like the best are BMW's.These cars are so awsome,I think its the way they are shaped.Its something in those cars that make them look so good.As you can notice in the picture these cars are sweet.I love those bmw's.


My favorite web sites to visit are the web sites about animals and cars,like,or hot these web sites I learn about the diffrent features of cars,and all the oter cars I did not know about.The monkey page was fantastic.I learned about the many diffrent types of monkeys,and what there interested in.I bet you did not know that monkeys eat dead lizards.But they only eat dead lizard when they have to.If you knew this then your favorite animal must be a monkey to.But I cant picture a monkey eating a lizard.That would be gross to eat a lizard.