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NYS Route 9a in Ardsley
Photo Gallery: Secondary Road Scenes

Activity along NYS Route 9a, just north of Ardsley Road. The Westchester Garage Gulf station is an oldtimer among youngsters here. The 90's era Gulf sign in the foreground contrasts with it's ancient Westchester Garage sign at the far end, hanging off the building. Several strip malls follow it as Route 9a wends its way north, towards Elmsford. Below is a building across from the garage, old enough to call the garage "Sonny". Its rather old world, Euro-Asiatic styling is perhaps what appealed to the immigrants from the subcontinent, who chose it for the location of Ganesh Groceries.
The Ardsley area has been home to many Indian and Pakistani arrivals for over two decades and I'm sure Ganesh certainly has no shortage of customers. They apparently do not limit their stock to ethnic delicacies, given the presense of the Drakes Cakes delivery truck. Photos shot Summer 1998.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.