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Queens Blvd. at Roosevelt
& Greenpoint Avenues, North & East
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
el shot
The view northwest up the Jackson Heights, Woodside, Corona and Flushing bound Roosevelt Avenue. A troop of #7 Redbirds rounds the curve above. The movie ad for Tom Hanks' Cast Away easily betrays the approximate dating of the shot, which is March 11th, 2001. Of course, he'll probably walk off with all the important Oscars. I think he's been a fine actor over the years, but isn't he given just a little too much stature, that everything he does is automatic Best Picture of the Year? He could star in a 2 hour movie of nothing but a blank gray screen and still get the award.
Duane Reade is a relative newcomer to Queens, as are its two biggest NYC pharmacy rivals, CVS and the financially tottering Rite Aid.
under el
 I know this shot is annoying. Kind of has you thinking something is wrong with your eyes, right? Are you blinking madly to focus the photo? Relax and take two aspirin. It was so overcast and I only had my 3.5-4.5 aperture zoom on hand, so I had it set to 3.5 for the extra light and that is why the background is so fuzzy. If I'd have just ignored the underexposure threat and set the bloody lens to f8, or maybe even 5.6 or 6.7, everything would have been focused, if alot darker, and perhaps my scanner could have brightened it. Anyhoo, this was taken from the center median, looking up Roosevelt.
to 50th st
 Looking east towards 50th Street, and the old shuttered Stevens Store that the Board of Ediots wants to turn into a massive school full of impulsive children just waiting to dart across Death Boulevard at its widest. This is the jumping off point where the tightly coiled boulevardiers emerging from the constricted Sunnyside lanes are about to explode into the six lane eastbound pedestrian deathtrap. Not only is the Stevens site a poor location for a school due to the obvious dangers to children walking along and crossing the boulevard there, but it is but a block from a massive cemetery, which I'm sure would prefer not to receive any new business from the 50th Street intersection. It is just not an atmosphere condusive to peaceful learning.

©2001, Jeff Saltzman. All right reserved.