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Queens Blvd. from 44-45 Street
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
Be Alert Cross with CareA pedestrian was killed crossing hereI was working my way west and already salivating over a planned pitstop at the White Castle a block west of here. Above we look north on 44th Street, sporting the requisite alert warnings. I'm sure the lady on the right was quite conscious of them, as was another pedestrian behind her, as yet unseen. That alertness may well have saved both their lives. See the cars on 44th heading into the intersection? The driver of the maroon car behind the blue compact is about to do something sickeningly stupid, selfish, senseless and criminal, all geared I'm sure towards saving himself a couple of imagined seconds.
44-45th st
 Remember how Mr. Maroon was in 44th Street's right lane? The white car now behind the bus was in the legal left turn lane, and made his turn without incident. Not so with the putz in the maroon wagon. Anxious to make a left, this SOB swerved sharply as soon as the white car turned, and came within two inches of running both pedestrians down. They had not only the green signal, but also the walk signal in their favor, but that is neither here nor there. Though the Boulevard was crawling with enforcement agents, of course there were none right there at that particular moment. I had just taken the camera down from my face when it happened. I was hoping his license plate would come out, but no luck. And in the end, you @#$%& ASSHOLE, how many seconds did you save, huh? Nearly killed two human beings in order to sit at the following red light, only four car lengths away! What a piece of s@%t you are! Hopefully, at least one person who knows you will see this and recognize your vehicle (Note the chrome sun visors over the side windows), and punch you right in the mouth, in honor of your lovely humanity!
 Looking north at 45th Street, we see at least one reference to 46th Street's former life as Bliss Street; the Bliss Hair Salon (pink canopy). Note that despite the apparent safety of only three lanes of traffic to cross at a time on this boulevard section, these crossers also have the entry and exit lanes from the flanking parking lots to worry about. There's no relief for the weary on the Boulevard of Broken Bones.

©2001, Jeff Saltzman. All right reserved.