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New England Thruway north from Westchester Ave
Photo Gallery: New England Thruway

view 1
It was late in the afternoon on a September Friday in 1998. Both views looking north from Westchester Avenue. Figure midway through the underpass, the Bruckner Expwy surrendered its existence to the New England Thruway. Though the name changes, the traffic remains the same. Most of these southbounders comnig towards us are heading for the endless nightmare known as the Cross Bronx a couple of miles down the road, if they plan on following Interstate 95 anyway. Those heading north are nearing the end of their nightmare, since the northbound clog generally begins to ease once the Pelham and Hutchinson River Parkway exits are passed.

vie 2
The highrisers in the background belong to Co-op City, the giant cooperative residential complex built in the late 1960's. The bus heading off onto the ramp in the lower picture is a city bus, the dark blue band giving away its heritage. The bus in the top view belongs to a private franchiser, one of many that serve as the public transport in the outer boroughs and immediate suburbs of NYC. Generally, any bus route using an expressway is likely to be an express route charging more than the usual $1.50 fare. The yellow cans visible in front of the retaining wall by the exit are supposed to buffer any vehicle smacking into the wall. One will frequently see these neglected crash breakers cracked to pieces and devoid of their sand fill.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.