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New England Thruway Elevated Section
Photo Gallery: New England Thruway

New England Thruway Elevated Section
polesTook this, along with most of my NET shots, 6/1998. This elevated section was reconstructed a few years back. The NET is crossing the Hutchinson River, which is normally a rather negligible creek, but is a fairly substantial body of water at this point as it flows towards the Eastchester Bay. I was standing fairly close to the borders between the Bronx and Pelham Manor to the north and Mount Vernon to the Northwest. Peeking through the highway's supports to the south are the highrise buildings of Co-op City. Adorning the center median of the Thruway are the weird, spooky monster-cuplights, seen in closeup to the left.
why do they spook me out? They just look so robotic, all lined up, facing the same direction. I think they are demonic. They were planted either by evil aliens, or forces from hell. Mark my words, no good can come from them.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.