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New England Thruway Around Bartow Ave
Photo Gallery: New England Thruway

looking north
Taken on a sweltering June 1998 morning when I had hours to kill, my workplace being closed. I had just dropped my girlfriend off at work nearby and took the opportunity to take what has proven to be most of my portfolio of Co-op City area photos. Standing at attention are the spooky monster-cuplight HPS pendant luminaires that illuminate most of the NET from the Bronx to the Connecticut border. The top view is heading north, the bottom shot facing south.

looking south
The southbound view was taken from a walkbridge a couple of blocks north of the top view. Some of the monster lights are late in turning off in the hazy early morning light. You are not seeing things as far as the truck on the far right goes. No, it is not traveling north in the southbound lanes. It is not being driven by a confused Britisher. It is on the northbound ramp leading to Baychester Blvd, one of the few ramps extending from the left lane on a relatively modern highway.

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.