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Cross Westchester Expwy Westbound at I-684
Photo Gallery: Cross Westchester Expwy.

 Passing Ridgeway Avenue, 287 hurtles towards the spaghetti ribbon interchange with fellow Interstate 684.

 Coming down upon 287 on a steep grade, the southbound 684 ramps have warning signals to keep truckers alert. There should prbably flat out simply be normal streetlights illuminating the interchange, perhaps the giant monster cuplights that spook the hell out of I-95 further east.
 Although they make a striking site, the 684 ramps look awful spindly, considering the big rigs they need to carry up and down.
 The fall foliage spectacular is just kicking in as this was shot in late October 1999. Interstate 684 hasn't given me too many memories, having been on it all of two round trips, but one of them was most memorable. It was around Thanksgiving 1997 and I was driving upstate with my honey in my previous "motor vehicle" and I use the term reluctantly. It was raining and as we got onto 684 northbound, I thought I heard strange noises from the windshield wipers. It sounded like they were banging something. It soon dawned on me that the left blade seemed to be going too far before it reversed; all the way to the windshield's edge. I opened the drivers window to see if I could hear the noise clearer when all of a sudden, the blade and its arm come flying around the edge of the window, right into my side window like some demented movie monster, attacking me. Needless to say that was the end of that trip. We had to sweat out the return trip to White Plains in occasionally heavy rain, without the benefit of the wipers. Being a late Sunday afternoon, there were no places open to replace the wiper controls. It was the late Grand Marquis. Ford sucks. What can I say?

© 1999, Jeff Saltzman.