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Welcome to ExotiCars Paradise. In this site you will discover top grade information on the world's most exclusive sports cars.


  • February 9th Check out the new article on the X-Coupe.
  • October 20th The all new Saleen S7 came out. Check it out on the sidebar.
  • September 11th The banner that was on the entrance page is now on the main one, and instead of it is the Flash movie sequence. There may be more Flash sequences soon, so stay tuned. Plus a special report on the new Corvette Z06, the fastest Corvette ever. Click on the sidebar to look at the article.
  • September 4th A fresh new animated banner on the entrance page is the news for today.
  • August 29 Not much new today. I'd just like to show you the poll results so they could be given some attention. (to see what the polls are about, look on the right.) Poll #1- seems like the visitors like the Lamborghini Diablo best. Second place is taken by the Mclaren F1. Those are two fine cars. Poll #2- The McLaren F1 got the most votes. And the voters were right, for the F1 is the fastest car that's on the poll. Poll #3- Most of the voters chose to have their Lamborghini in black. The runner-up is the color yellow. Poll #4- The voters do not want the Viper to be redesigned, and so do I. Let's all hope Dodge keeps the Viper as good as it currently is and hopefully even improves it when the redesigned version will come out in 2001 as a 2002 model. That's all. I'll have more poll updates later on.
  • August 19 Got new car news with a lot of pics. Hopefully I will have Shockwave Flash included into my website. Right now I'm in the process of mastering Flash.
  • July 5th I've got the biography of Enzo ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, and some really cool new pics.
  • June 30rd  The history of Porsche is now up and running.
  • June 23rd  I was sick, so no updates.
  • June 22nd This website is 1 week old! Hurray! I've changed the layout a little bit. I just think it looks a little cooler this way.
  • June 21st A new sidebar.
  • June 20th  Lots of new car info is up, and a bunch of new pictures. 
  • June 19th The Current Cars link is up, and now you could check out info about the McLaren F1
  • June 18th I've put up some car news and a new photo. 
  • June 17th Nothing new.
  • June 16th After spending a long time last night making this web page, I've still got a ton of stuff to work on. The site is now up on:, &  Added the pics page.
  • June 15th The site is born! Not up yet, though, and still in progress.


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