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New Saleen Supercar

The new Saleen S7


The S7, as it is going to be called, will be the first Saleen supercar, which is famous for making more expensive modifications of Ford Mustangs. 300-400 of these will be built every year partially in England and in California. It will have 550 bhp, 520 lb. feet of torque. The engine will be a performance-tuned ford 427 in. V8. The transmission will be a ZF 6-speed manual transmission. As you can see on the pic, it willl have customary Saleen "gills" and Lamborghini Diablo and McLaren F1-like swing-up doors. The body is made of carbon fiber, and the interior is full of leather and aluminum. A curious feature about the S7 is that the ionterior is assymetrical, the driver being closer to the center than the passenger. The car weighs 2750 lbs. and could drive as fast as 200 mph.