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New Lamborghinis

-The new Diablo (a spy photo)

News have come about Lamborghini's new models. On the photo is the new Diablo, codenamed the L147. It will cost just about as much as the current Diablo, house a 6.0 liter engine under it's hood which will produces 680 hp. The top speed will be over 225 miles per hour, which is even faster than the old Diablo. Although this spy photo is heavily disguised, it is evident that it will retain the great looks of it's predecessor. Note the humongous, and slightly strange air intakes at the rear, a sign of a large engine inside. This is not the only new Lamborghini. There will be a Lamborghini that will be less expensive, and will compete with the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrari 360 Modena. It will have a 4.0 liter V10. Volkswagen, the new owner of Lamborghini says the introduction of these two models means Lamborghini's entry into a new era of economical prosperity, emerging from the financial troubles and troublesome quality of the past.